This is way too close for comfort. There are some dangers to hunting for wild turkey—such as calling in the odd coyote or bobcat—but perhaps none are as frightening as having a rattlesnake almost literally in your lap. This turkey hunter found out the hard way that being too focused on the hunt could leave you open to a surprise visit from one of these inquisitive reptiles.

Then again, snakes usually do not see out human interaction, so the hunter could probably thank his camo and other gear for working a bit too well.

Just keep an eye on the lower left corner of this turkey hunting video. Can anybody identify what species of snake this is?

Image screenshot of video by Thomos Aangeenbrug on YouTube

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13 thoughts on “Video: When Turkey Hunting Goes Wrong

  1. Yes, I agree that it is a Western Diamondback. It seems be just traveling along. Since snakes do not hear well, if at all, and do not notice people if they do not move, I doubt the snake was even aware of the hunter, and he was in no danger. Most outdoors people know so little about snakes that it is just amazing. I have seen many hundreds of rattlers and they just want to be left in peace.

  2. Went to China Spring Texas snake roundup and saw some fatter than a soda can.
    Tasts like tough stringy chicken leg.

    1. That Atrox knew the hunter was there. It didn’t perceive the hunter as a threat and had no intention of harming the hunter. Two alpha predators meet and both went their on their way. I’ve been around a lot of snakes in the wild and have never had any issues. Oh, snakes do use their eyes. It’s not their primary sense but they do rely on their vision like we do our hearing. The degree of reliance depends on the species. Arboreal snakes have very keen eyesight while snakes such as the ball python that live in burrows for most of their lives have poor eyesight.

  3. I do not want to find out if I could remain that calm in those circumstances. Yep, that was a western diamondback.

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