With the right kind of critter call and decoy, even the elusive mountain lion will come out to play. Mojo TV managed to record this footage of a pair of cougars inspecting a predator decoy, tempting one to come within inches of it. While normally reclusive, mountains are opportunistic predators and will pursue a chance for a free meal whenever possible. They usually prefer to examine the decoy at a distance before slowly stalking up to it, much like they do with regular prey. These big cats are usually pretty smart, and will recognize a decoy pretty quickly. This one however, lets its curiosity get the better of it.

We don’t know if the cougars were harvested or not, but the video is still pretty interesting nonetheless. It must be said that even among hunters, mountain lions are one of the more controversial game animals in North America. Not everybody approves of harvesting these big cats, but those that do hold themselves up to a high standard by bagging them legally and ethically.

Watch some of the rarest footage ever captured as the MOJO Critter calls mountain lion to within inches..

Posted by Mojo TV on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Image screenshot of video on Facebook

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