Somebody went and caught Bowser, or at least that’s what it looks like. Photos of this large—and dangerous—alligator snapping turtle started cropping up online recently, and has been attributed to Wes Prewett of Alabama. The humongous turtle was apparently caught in Lake Mitchell near Clanton and weighed near 200 pounds, but we are still trying to confirm the details. Judging from the beast’s mouth, one bite could very well take your head off. Although experts agree that a bite from an alligator snapping turtle is not significantly strong than a humans, keep in mind that humans can bite pretty hard.

If you ever need a reason to be afraid of noodling for catfish, this is it.

It was also reportedly released, so that means it’s still out there. Somewhere, waiting.

Image screenshot of video on Facebook

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One thought on “Photos: Massive Alligator Snapping Turtle Reportedly Caught in Alabama

  1. Awesome beast. I hope that in this day and age,that there still are legends such as this for us to find. I hope he,she was in deed set free and that it lives another 100 years!!!

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