Oh boy, this could get real heated, real fast.

What are your thoughts on using pistols, such as the venerable 1911 in .45, to hunt turkey? This hunter decided that after years of chasing gobblers with a bow and shotgun, he would switch to a 1911 Sig Sauer Nightmare. As with any kind of hunting done with a handgun, the challenge increases significantly, and there’s always a crowd of people just waiting to call you unethical or a slew of other things. The rule of thumb generally is “if you’re skilled and experienced enough to do it, then you can.”

After emptying the magazine of his 1911 (7 rounds, apparently not +1 in this case), the hunter manages to down the turkey at a distance of quite a few yards. It is likely that the fatal shot was fired before the final round, but this video is sure to draw some heat from hunters who argue that it should not take a full magazine of anything to down a turkey.

“Although I wasn’t able to call one in and get a close shot on camera like I had planned, I was able to find a bird and put a sneak on it,” ImBFishin wrote in the video’s description. “I wish I could’ve had more time to try and call one in, but with 2 kids and a FT non-hunting job, time and opportunities are tough to come by. Take what you can get and enjoy it.”

What do you think? On the other hand, there’s shooting turkey with a .410 revolver, which is a competely different game.

Image screenshot of video by ImBFishin on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Seven Reasons Why a 1911 Isn’t Ideal for Turkey Hunting

  1. Many years ago in the in the southern eastern mountains I was cross country hiking and while resting with my feet in a cold stream I noticed a beautiful gobbler about 15 yards from me apparently not aware of my presence and I only had a 4″ barreled S&W target level .22lr revolver with me but this little red devil on my left shoulder kept telling me that if I didn’t take a shot I’d always regent it. I listened to that line of thought and figured that I’d miss anyways and aimed lying down and took my shot. The bird just fell over to my astonishment. Later telling a friend about this tasty feat he looked at me and said ” the only wild turkey you’ve killed comes in a glass bottle and has an amber color”. I was guilty of that also.

    1. Off topic, I suppose, but the Wild Turkey part of the comment reminded how maaaaany long years ago I was stationed in Scotland and it was Thanksgiving time. A friend had his wife there and they had a small flat. We all went out and tried to find a turkey to buy, but in rural Scotland that wasn’t easy to do. However, we did find a place that carried Wild Turkey whiskey, so we bought a bottle and a ham and had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Somehow that story of turkey hunting is more appealing than dressing up as a bush and rattlesnake thruway to fool the turkey .

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