You really shouldn’t watch this if you’re claustrophobic.

If you’ve never seen what being engulfed by an avalanche looks like, you’re about to. This footage was captured by a snowmobiler in Golden, British Columbia recently after he got caught in a massive avalanche and was swept more than 2,500 feet down a mountain. Luckily, it appears from the video that he was not buried very deeply and managed to remain near the surface throughout the entire length of the ride. Authorities in British Columbia and Alberta just recently warned skiers and snowmobilers of a high avalanche risk during Easter weekend. Conditions in Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, and Jasper National Parks are ripe for both human-triggered and natural avalanches.

Luckily for this man, he was later rescued by his friends.


Image screenshot of video by JukinVideo on YouTube

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