Hundreds of ice fishermen were forced to evacuate from popular fishing spot near the Magadan Oblast in Russia recently after a massive crack opened up in the ice. These types of cracks are not all too uncommon, but can be very dangerous and often strands anglers on precarious ice floes. The last thing most people want is to call in rescue services, although that also happens frequently.

This video managed to capture the chaos that erupts after a crack is noticed. Thankfully in this case, the break happened slowly enough for the anglers to be alerted and cross over to the other side before being trapped, many taking their vehicles and gear with them. As the crack widened, anglers began throwing over rods, ice augers, and other assorted equipment before jumping over themselves. In the end, Yahoo News reports that only a handful needed to be rescued by emergency personnel.

“Hurry up!” a man can be heard shouting in the video. “The ice has started moving, otherwise you’ll be trapped on the ice floe!”

Shifting ice can and has been lethal, often claiming the lives of fishermen who fall into the water. Officials warn that there is no such thing as “safe” ice, and that anglers should continuously monitor weather and ice conditions to stay safe.

Image screenshot of videoby Entertainment News on YouTube

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