Though it is sometimes seen as the red-headed stepchild of Cold War-era small arms, the 7.62x39mm Czechoslovak vz. 58 has a dedicated following in the United States and beyond. Viewed by the misinformed as “just another AK,” the gun is a unique design that utilizes a striker firing mechanism and a short-stroke gas piston. At last week’s Big 3 East event in Daytona Beach, Florida, Definitive Arms and RS Regulate revealed the results of a collaborative effort for the platform: the DARS VZ side rail.

Like many AK-pattern firearms, the vz. 58 series of guns can mount a side rail for optics on the left side of the receiver. The DARS VZ is compatible with all known types of vz. 58 receiver in the United States, including Century’s VZ2008 line and vz. 58 pistols and rifles sold by Czechpoint USA.

The DARS VZ weighs less than two ounces (less than half the weight of most other rails) and is composed of 4140 steel. The scope rail is compatible with vz. 58 receivers that have been drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Most Czechpoint guns come with properly prepared receivers, whereas Century guns are often undrilled. The rail is secured to the receiver by means of two Allen-head bolts.

The DARS VZ will be priced competitively around $50 and should be available within the next several months.

Image courtesy Matt Korovesis

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