People love a good monster story. A video recorded in late March by a cable car passenger in Greenwich, UK recently went viral. It appeared to show some kind of large object or creature surfacing in the River Thames before sinking back below the water’s surface. Those who have seen the video speculate that it could have been some sort of marine animal, like a whale, or perhaps a military vessel like submarine. British media reached out to biologists in an attempt to explain the phenomenon, but was met with a collective shrug.

“We are not aware of anything that large and moving in the Thames,” Ian Tokelove from the London Wildlife Trust told the Evening Standard. “We had a good look at the footage but it isn’t clear enough to make out what we are looking at.”

Other experts say that due to the size, it is likely not a living creature. This gives credence to the theory that the object was actually a submarine. Submarines from the the Royal Navy have been reported to travel through the Thames before, although some of those sightings have been confirmed to be hoaxes.

The simpler answer is that perhaps someone with a passing skill for digital manipulation simply doctored the video, but that has yet to be confirmed. What do you think? Is this the next Loch Ness Monster?

Image screenshot of video by Penn Plate on YouTube

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