Have you ever tried your hand at excavating razor clam? If you have, you’d know that digging for these tasty morsels is a combination of tedious, time-consuming work and pure exhilaration. Sure enough, this video of Captain Milt Gudgell digging for clams on Long Beach Peninsula is mesmerizing. Perhaps that explains why a video showing viewers how to dig for clams somehow garnered over six million views on YouTube.

If you’re interested in getting your boots wet and hands dirty, you can learn some pointers below.

Image screenshot of video by Stephen Allen on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: This Man Digging for Massive Clams is Mesmerizing

  1. I enjoyed this as my Dad started me digging when I was 5 or 6. The limit back in those days (50’s) was 36. It later dropped to 18 and then I think 9 and am glad to see they have recovered and the limit is 15.
    Those implement’s all on the beach were using to harvest clams started showing up in the early 60’s and those of us who used ‘clam guns’ which were a special shovel about 8″ wide tapering to 6″ at the tip and around 16″ long blade with a short handle. We looked at the users of the tube users as rookies.
    With the shovel you start on the ocean side of hole with the back to the ocean a make a quick dig and not too deep and then a backwards motion from opposite side. Then it’s on your knees and hand dig as fast as you can as they dig deep very fast. Your hands always stay North or South as the clams ALWAYS lay with the razor edge towards the ocean and they will cut your fingers badly.
    My Dad and I always dug at Roosevelt Beach between the towns of Copalis and Pacific Beach.
    It’s one of the things I miss most as going after he passed was never the same. My English Bulldog stayed with me every second so my Dad never worried about me. She tried to dig as well and could chase Seagulls with best of em.
    Later on we started using those tubes also as it was so easy. We still used our shovels though.
    A great video.

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