One Florida man got the shock of his life this week after being knocked off his paddleboard by a shark. Thankfully for Maximo Trinidad, the shark was no great white or other man-eater, but just a small spinner shark. Trinidad says he instinctively lurched backwards—who wouldn’t after seeing a shark?—and fell in the water. The incident happened near Jupiter Beach.

“I was shocked,” his wife, Theresa, told ABC News after seeing the GoPro footage. “When I saw the video, I was like, ‘Holy cow!'”

Trinidad for his part, says he was more exhilarated than scared. Officials say that encounters between water sports enthusiasts and spinner sharks are not unusual, although the creatures generally shy away from humans. They are not considered a real danger to humans and will rarely attack people.

With any other shark, jumping in the water would have been a bad idea. It’s not like you have to exchange insurance information.

Image screenshot of video by Maximo Trinidad on YouTube

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