Who does something like this? If you ever see someone you know do something so blatantly dangerous, tell them to put down the firearm and re-visit basic gun safety. The first—and arguably most important—rule of handling firearms safely is that you always point the muzzle in a safe direction. Never, and we do mean never, point your gun at something you don’t want destroyed.

This recording from an indoor gun range shows a man attempting to activate a laser on his handgun. To test this, he thought it would be wise to point the gun directly at his hand—as opposed to downrange, at the target, or any other hard surface nearby that would not result in a bodily injury.

You can probably guess how well this goes.

We almost want to not believe that this video is real because it is such a textbook example for poor gun safety. However, regardless of whether it’s real or faked, it should remind you to always remember to think before you act.

Image screenshot of video by detroit_doc on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Graphic Video: There are Safer Ways of Testing Your Laser

    1. Honorary mention only , wins are only awarded posthumously . On the other hand ( sorry , n.p.I.) there is a pretty good case for both being brain dead prior to the mishap ..

  1. Another fine example for the “people with guns are idiots” crowd. What freakin’ stupidity. Should be culled from the herd.

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