This shark might have learned how to mock anglers. A video taken from a fishing boat near Biscanyne Bay in Florida has started to go viral, showing a shark jumping out of the water with an angler’s hooked sailfish neatly in its mouth.

“The best video I ever saw shot! And one of the most magnificent sights I have ever seen,” stated Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer’s Dusky 33 on Facebook. “Mike was the angler, Blakely was on camera and Tommy was our IT guy. This 500 pound mako jumped into the air with Mike’s sailfish in his jaws. Mike brought the remains boat side.”

Nobody likes losing a fish, and especially not to an opportunistic mako shark. While the shark may have had its fun and gotten an easy meal, the anglers weren’t about to let it off so easy.

“Abie rigged a rod to bait the shark, chopped off a piece and baited his rig. Abie tossed the shark his bait and I think Blakely took the rod. He got the shark boat side several times, but we all voted to let it live. After another jump and 30 minutes of tug-o-war the shark released us and swam away. What an experience!”

In the end, the shark got a meal and the anglers got the fight of a lifetime. Seems like a win-win scenario—except for the sailfish of course.

Image screenshot of video on Facebook

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