As of Monday afternoon, emergency personnel performed as many as 1,200 search-and-rescue missions after Houston was hit by a catastrophic flood. High waters caused hundreds of people to be evacuated from their homes, but daring—and some would say, highly foolish—motorists are still on the road. Water levels can be difficult to judge in a flood however, and we would never recommend driving through these conditions in any kind of vehicle—except maybe a small boat. However, the man in the below video decided to brave the high waters in a Hummer H1.

As you can see, the water level has already reached the height of the driver’s windshield, but he continues on and manages to reach safety. The video is perhaps a testament to the Hummer’s all-terrain abilities, but it all too easily could have ended in disaster. Recently, a reporter filming footage of the flood caught a motorist driving headfirst into a pool he expected to be shallower than it was. The vehicle quickly submerged and the reporter had to assist the man in reaching safety.




Image screenshot of video by EVS Motors Inc. on YouTube and Search & Destroy Tactical Vehicles on Facebook

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One thought on “Hummer H1 Conquering Houston Floods

  1. Glad he made it. I don’t have Hummer money. If I did, I likely wouldn’t be taking a chance on the water depth

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