A popular fishing documentary turned into more of a drama after its TV crew found a stranded angler on a remote Australian Island last November. Footage of the rescue has now been released, and it shows a harrowing account of what simple heatstroke is capable of. In the search of the famed Queensland grouper, River Monsters host Jeremy Wade and his crew were filming near a group of uninhabited islands in northern Australia. While taking video of the shore, the television crew noticed a cooler—which was odd on an uninhabited island—and decided to investigate further. Suddenly, a man dressed only in briefs appeared and yelled for help.

That man was a fisherman from Borroloola who only identified himself as Tremine, and he had been stranded on the island for at least two days. According to the crew, Tremine had come to the island to dig for oysters, but became disoriented by the heat and was unable to find his boat again. Trapped by temperatures well in excess of 109 degrees Fahrenheit, Tremine instead decided to seek shelter inside a cave. He quickly became dehydrated and was starving by the time the TV crew arrived.

“This guy is super experienced, goes out fishing a lot, he knows the landscape, he knows the dangers, and yet he succumbed to it so quickly,” Stephen Shearman, who directed that particular episode and was one of the first to find Tremine, told Inside Edition. “Everything was fine, and within two to three hours, everything wasn’t really fine at all. In his own words, he was ‘preparing to die.'”

The crew brought the angler back to their lodge, where he recuperated and was well enough to leave under his own power by the next day. You can see the video below:



Image screenshot of video by Animal Planet on YouTube

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