This fish may be out of water, but it sure looks thirsty. Can fish even get drunk off beer? Either way, it’s probably not a wise—and some would say, ethical—thing to do. A few years back there was even a short-lived fad of drinking beer from the mouths of live fish. We’d certainly discourage these kind of antics as they can’t be good for the fish.

Remember, if you intend to catch and release, try to put the fish back in the water as soon as possible. That means without treating it to an alcoholic beverage.

As to the earlier question, fish can get drunk, but apparently on greenhouse gasses.

Image screenshot of video by Cleber Moura on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Fish Guzzling Beer from a Can

  1. Water vapor is the A -Number One ” greenhouse gas ” in the mythos of of man caused global warming . Fish do not get intoxicated from water ; dissolved oxygen in the water is the most common
    gas to affect the fish’s behavior . Oxygen is not one of so-called ” greenhouse gasses ” .
    By the way ,happy Earth Day ! Earth Day is the brainchild of Ira Einhorn a true liberal icon .He is also a known murderer . He beat his long time , live in girlfriend unconscious , stuffed her into a trunk , dragged the trunk to the attic of his Philadelphia home ,where she died of suffocation . Her body mummified in the hot summer temperature of the attic but was eventually found . He was arrested and jailed ,he was allowed bail when Senator Arlen Specter intervened on his behalf . He promptly fled Philadelphia and he eventually was located in Europe ,he moved to France to avoid extradition as they refused to extradite on capitol punishment cases . It took several years of negotiations and and a change of sentence to life to return him to justice .

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