Never expect trees to be completely empty. Instead, think of them as living environments that sustain a variety of other creatures, such as insects, rodents, and sometimes, even snakes. This man got a nasty surprise after he discovered that the tree he recently fell was in fact occupied—and he aaccidentally cut a snake in half.

Presumably, the snake had wormed its way into the center of the tree by using tunnels that some other critter made. Snakes do not usually like to den inside wood, but as a place to hide from predators, it can’t be beat. Unfortunately, it got in the way of this man’s saw.

While not entirely a dangerous thing to do (for the logger), this scenario did end in an unfortunate demise for the scaly animal.

Video contains some graphic content.


Image screenshot of video by Sean Naber on YouTube

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One thought on “Graphic Video: Man Cuts Down Tree with Terrifying Surprise

  1. Looks like harmless Black Rat Snake, although you would think that the person over-reacting has discovered a dinosaur!

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