Trying to get to that island party but have no way to get there?  Maybe you need an amphibious motorcycle sidecar.  In the ever-growing world of customized automotive and powered vehicles; this could set you apart from the rest, as well as provide a whole new genre of adventure:

Made in 1959 by Canterbury, the Belle came with a powered boat for a sidecar that had room for two.  It was powered by an 80cc motor; enough to get around and enjoy yourself without going too crazy.    With niche motorcycle markets such as café racers and adventure bikes growing in popularity; this would be the perfect market for a company to corner – and we know just the company to do it.

Ural motorcycles are modeled after the military “go anywhere, do everything, and do it reliably” mentality, and have been growing in popularity over the last decade.  They are known for their sidecars which can host a multitude of uses, whether it’s bringing your significant other, your camping gear, or even your dog, on your next adventure.  The name is well-known amongst enthusiasts, and for a good reason.  They would be the perfect company to bring back the amphibious sidecar.

Some don’t want to wait and decided to make their own, like this guy. Can you imagine riding your bike through the woods to your favorite fishing spot and then hopping into the boat you brought with you?

Image from Motorcyclepedia Museum on Facebook

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