“I never wanted a regular life. I can’t be a guy who just goes to work and comes home.” Cameron reveals in his CarbonTV exclusive. As Cam always says “I’m not special, so if I’ve achieved what I’ve achieved, you can achieve more.”

Cameron Hanes hails from Eugene, Oregon, and his passion for backcountry bowhunting pushes him to explore the limits of the human body. In this short film Cam shares how he mentally and physically prepares for his extreme hunting expeditions. Everything he does is in preparation for the opportunity to land his arrow on his target; pushing his body to its limits and beyond, setting an unrelenting self-improvement standard, and inspiring outdoorsmen and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. This is what sets Cameron Hanes apart from the rest.

In this CarbonTV exclusive, Cameron shows viewers what it means to “keep hammering” as he strives to become the ‘Ultimate Predator’.


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