If you have never heard of the LBC Sabot now’s your chance to learn about one of the best shotgun slugs on the market today.

YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS recently posted a video review of the impressive 12ga slugs, and I’m impressed. The LBC Sabot Slug is made by a company called Ballistic Products and unfortunately for most people it’s only available as a slug for reloaders. That being said, if you load your own shells you might want to check this out.

The slugs are made from a high-strength lead alloy and they feature a unique plastic sabot at the base. I don’t want to spoil the results too much, but I have to agree with TAOFLEDERMAUS who said “Accuracy and flight dynamics were outstanding, even out of a smooth-bore.”

Also, check out how little the slugs deformed after hitting hard targets!

Image from TAOFLEDERMAUS on YouTube

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