In case you didn’t already know Group I metals like Potassium and Sodium react violently when introduced to water.

With that being said what happens when you fill the end of a hollow point bullet with one of these reactive metals? The video bellow shows you all of those explosive details in slow motion. As the tester found out, these exotic rounds have a devastating effect on his “Fish Tank”. If you look closely at the high speed footage you can actually see the combustion products from the metals igniting under water. While these rounds did not perform significantly better than traditional jacketed lead bullets they did have some very unique properties.

Ultimately these rounds are just science experiment and they have almost no real world application.

Image from TheBackyardScientist on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Video: Testing Liquid Potassium and Sodium Bullets in Water

  1. Boy, this would another a whole other reason to keep your powder dry

  2. I doubt these bullets meet the FBI’s minimum penetration criteria for effective self defense rounds. However, but if you shoot a balloon full of Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine gas, you might see something interesting.

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