In North America alone, there are over 8000 snake bites every year. Whether these snake bites are provoked or whether the snakes were accidentally disturbed, we believe it is important to be able to identify which snake will leave you with a potentially deadly bite or just a painful nip.

Thankfully due to awareness and modern treatment, very few venomous snake bites result in death. In North America, across most states, you will find four main types of venomous snakes. The guys at Sniff Outdoors have produced an infographic which will help you be able to identify those snakes and what to do if you’re faced with a bite.


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159 thoughts on “Infographic: How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite in North America

  1. The information was o.k. but superficial , the artwork of specific species barely adequate , the title art would rate a ” C ” in high school art class . The subject of venomous snake bite is too serious to be treated lightly , I think there should be a referral to more detailed information if you are going into areas known to contain venomous creatures .

  2. Also, the idea that copperheads are found in rocky areas. Maybe they are, but the woods in East Texas are full of them, too.

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