Two hunters hoping to bag some turkeys in York County, Pennsylvania last week were instead involved in an absurd confrontation with a poacher after they were nearly shot while setting up decoys. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the hunters were in a private field near Rooster Lane in Conewago Township, setting up decoys and following a flock of wild turkeys. Before they could take their own shots, a camouflaged trespasser wandered onto the property and started taking potshots at the flock, nearly hitting the two hunters nearby.

“The suspect, whom witnesses describe as being a white male in his 50s, nearly struck two other hunters with his shots and then fled without tagging or retrieving the birds. During the incident the suspect left behind the pictured fishing rod and bag,” officials stated.


That was not all. Shortly before the poacher was able to make a clean getaway, the hunters confronted him about being on the property. Instead of engaging in reasonable conversation, the poacher decided to make a run for it, picking up his turkeys along the way. At some point the man even threw one of the birds at the hunters in an attempt to ward off any pursuit.

According to the York Daily Record, the man is now facing fines of up to $4,500 and revocation of his hunting license for five years. Since the shooting was also within 150 yards of a residence, an additional charge of hunting within a safety zone will be added to the unlawful taking of two turkeys.


Several items were left at the scene, including a backpack with hunting and fishing equipment, as well as what appears to be a children’s fishing pole. The inclusion of that last item have led some to believe that the man may have been with a child at the time of the incident.

Or that he just had strange taste in fishing gear.

Pennsylvania officials are currently offering a $500 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Images courtesy Pennsylvania Game Commission

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11 thoughts on “Poacher Shoots Hunters’ Turkeys, Throws Bird at Them

  1. What an idiot. This guy deserves to have his hunting and fishing licenses removed for life! People like this are what give us responsible people a bad name.

  2. Am a long time hunter myself, but nothing surprises me anymore on the way people behave. The average person has no clue how out of control poaching is. Am a waterfowler and I see it happen every time I hunt, especially on our so called managed waterfowl units here in Michigan. Many have an attitude “if it flys, it dies”

  3. This person should be charged with felony assault as according to the article he nearly shot the 2 legal hunters. That would permanently remove his hunting privileges, & that is exactly what his conduct deserves. The charges mentioned are way to lenient. He should never be allowed to pocess a firearm again.

      1. hmmm …….. Carlos ………. not if they are on private land ………. I smell the stench of a poacher here ………. and exactly the reason why it is so hard to find private land to hunt

  4. I don’t think he was intended on fishing I think he using the fishing rod and a bait like corn stacked on a hook too catch a bird because he was trespassing and a poucher well that way he could have been very quiet and no one would have even known that he was there from one outlaws way of thinking


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