By now, you have surely heard of at least one monthly subscription service that sends you fruit, shaving supplies, or collectibles every month. These kind of subscription services are highly popular, and have been for years. That is why two men from Pennsylvania have decided to start their own business supplying gun owners with ammunition, every month, through the mail. It’s called Ammohawk, and for $69 a month, you will get shipped a selection of 9mm, 30-06, .22LR, or any of the other packages they have available.

So why should you buy ammo from Ammohawk instead of the gun store? According to founders Brian Lash and Josh Jarvis, Ammohawk simply doesn’t have the same problems that brick and mortar stores run into.

“We all buy ammo for our own reasons: we plink, we hunt, we compete, we train. But if you’ve purchased ammo in the last 10 years you know it’s not without its headaches,” stated the Ammohawk website. “‘The price of my favorite cartridge skyrocketed.’ ‘My gun store won’t sell me more than a few boxes of ammo at a time.’ ‘What are regulations going to do to my ability to shoot?’ Our mission is to squash these concerns by empowering every shooter to acquire high quality ammunition over time.”

Ammohawk says that by buying ammo through its service, not only will customers save money, but they will also save time along with ensuring that their ammunition is top grade. The service is still being prepared for its first run, so currently details are sparse on what each package really offers—but Ammohawk promises factory-fresh ammunition and absolutely no reloads.

Additionally, the service also offers to buy back any unwanted or unused ammo. The most interesting thing however, is that instead of shipping out ammunition instantly, Ammohawk also allows for the storage of ammunition in your online “locker,” in case customers wanted to keep their ammunition on hold. That ammunition is stored by the company at “a number of secret locations,” but can be readily accessed and shipped. Shipping is also free.

Lash and Jarvis, who described themselves as civil rights activists, say that the goal of Ammohawk is not only to provide ammo at reasonable prices, but also to bolster the community.

“The major ammunition manufacturers already run at full capacity,” they stated on the Ammohawk website. “Surges in demand can cripple their ability to output enough product to satisfy the market. That creates scarcity, and it drives prices up for the product that remains. By buying your ammunition over time you ease the demand on any one manufacturer. It’s a small way each of us can do our part for larger gun community.”

You can learn more about Ammohawk in the video below:

Image from Twitter

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2 thoughts on “New Subscription Ammo Service Sends You Rounds Every Month

  1. Dear Outdoor Hub,
    They do not ship monthly, you have to instruct them to make shipments. They house it at their location until you do.

  2. So far I’ve found their ammo way over priced, although of high quality. If you don’t mind paying 0.12 to 0.15 per round for 22 lr ammo (in some cases higher) then I suppose it’s okay.

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