This is not something you see every day.

Alligators do not exactly have a reputation for curiosity, but these scaly creatures can exhibit bizarre behavior when out of water. According to WPTZ, last Monday an alligator crawled up to a home in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, and attempted to ring the doorbell with its snout. Of course, the large reptile probably did not intend to sell any girls scouts cookies.

Gary Rogers, who just happened to be walking his dog nearby, said it was more likely that the alligator was confused and wanted to leave the cul-de-sac it had become inadvertently trapped in. Rogers estimated that the alligator spent an hour in the area before it was able to find its way past the line of fences.

“The gator was not aggressive at all. He was just kind of trying to find his way out,” he told WCIV. “I mean he was caught between fences, in between a couple of houses. Had no place to go. Went around the air conditioner a couple of times.”

According to The New York Post, Rogers was in the area visiting his daughter, Danielle Barkley. Barkley later told reporters that while alligators have been seen in the neighborhood, she never heard of one going so far as to crawl up to a home before. Barkley later shared the video of the alligator that her father recorded, which went viral on social media.

You can watch that video below:


Image from Storyful News on YouTube

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