Officials say that a man from Deltona, Florida was admitted to the hospital on Saturday after he discovered that he was shot—three days after the fact. According to a report from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, deputies arrived at the hospital to investigate the shooting, only to find out that the man had accidentally shot himself cleaning his gun. However, possibly as a result of medication for a back injury, the man claims he did not notice the wound until he changed his shirt half a week after the accident.

“[The victim] went to the hospital after noticing he had been shot. An investigation was conducted, and the shooting was deemed accidental,” stated the report. “Case is closed.”

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the accident occurred when the man was cleaning a .22 pistol in his living room. At the time, his dog was nearby so the victim held to pistol close to his chest to prevent the animal from nudging it. When he stood up, his back spasmed unexpectedly, leading him to fall on the floor. Sometime during all of the commotion the pistol was discharged and fired a round into his arm. The victim said he heard a loud noise, but disregarded it.

Luckily for the man, the .22 bullet went through his arm without any complications and only minimal bleeding. That is perhaps why he never noticed the wound, which he told deputies had already closed up by the time he discovered it. As for the pain, the medication he was on might have masked it just enough to be ignored.

While the circumstances were highly unusual, the deputies ultimately wrote it off as a routine—yet easily avoidable—negligent discharge. Experts stress that firearms should always be unloaded when being cleaned, and that gun owners should familiarize themselves with basic gun safety. Some commenters argued that the victim should not have been handling firearms while on heavy pain medication, and others pointed to how little damage the .22 wound inflicted. The power of the humble .22 LR cartridge has long been an issue of debate, and some say this incident gives more evidence to how negligible the caliber really is.

After all, a similar injury with a .45 caliber firearm may not have been ignored for three days.

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524 thoughts on “Florida Man is Struck by Bullet, Doesn’t Notice until Three Days Later

  1. Fascinating story, but I take issue with the notion that he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. That’s not what happened. He shot himself because he disregarded basic firearms safety.

      1. When exactly is the instant that cleaning a gun begins? When you begin to unload it, or when you stick a brush in the barrel, or when? Handling the gun to begin unloading it and it unintensionally discharges…. is that a cleaning accident, or semantics?

    1. Everyone does, until they verify that it’s been unloaded. First of the 4 Rules…Treat every weapon as a loaded one until you make sure it’s not.

  2. Ignorant article. A 45 or 9mm can also pass through without hitting anything, just depends on where. And just like a 9mm or 45, a 22 is quite capable of killing. Shot placement > size of bullet

  3. Also, don’t handle firearms on medication, if the dog is in the way move the dog. Always check your firearms.

    1. All my guns are loaded. So before I clean a gun, I unloaded it. Then, I put it down, pull out my cleaning stuff and check it a second time, then I clean the gun. So far, I have never had an accidental discharge…strike that, I have never had a negligent discharge [or the first one either].

  4. I’m surprised every time I read about someone who accidentally shoots themselves while cleaning their gun. Geez, just neglect of basic firearm safety. I think I learned it when I was 5 or 6. Point it in a safe direction, clear the weapon before leaving the range, drop the mag, rack it back and check. It’s just that simple. Or whatever mechanism is used for the weapon of choice. I just shake my head in disbelief.

  5. .22’s are deadly and anyone who thinks otherwise is a completely wrong. Just about every species of big game in north America can be and has been killed by .22’s,…mostly by head shots, but by no means all. I have killed quite a number of deer myself with a .22, including lung shots Do I recommend it? Of course not.

    1. You are dead right Tom. The .22 is a lethal weapon at close range in the right hands. I myself have shot dozens of red deer and pigs as well as other small game here in New Zealand. The first deer I shot I was 9 years old. Mostly head and neck shot but some behind the shoulder shot ones as well when an animal was running past me at close range. I just love this little cartridge. If I really wanted to I could shoot any game animal in New Zealand with it. I have also put down horses with it.

      1. Ya, and Reagan was shot by a ricochet from a 22 revolver, the bullet stopping 1″ from his heart…. and he didnt even know it for a couple minutes. He thought he was hurt by being shoved into the car….
        Sure a 22 LR can kill. But in that 20 minutes it takes for somebody to bleed to death, he might be really angry and do you a whole bunch of bodiky harm…. Grandpa always said that an eyeball hit with a 22 is better than a miss with a 44 magnum.

  6. this whole thing sounds fishy. he heard a loud sound but didn’t notice? how could u discharge a round point blank range inside a house and not realize the gun went off. was there no blood after he was shot. I find it odd that someone can shoot themselves with nothing else going on and not realize they had just shot themselves. maybe the dog shot him and he doesn’t want to confess…..haha

    1. The guy knew he had shot himself… he was afraid of
      being arrested because he knew all gunshot wounds are investigated….

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