The first wolverine to be spotted in North Dakota in nearly 150 years came to an unceremonious end last month after it was shot and killed while harassing livestock. The 30-pound male wolverine was shot by a ranch hand near Alexander after it was spotted in a calving pasture on April 24. The ranch hand, Jared Hatter, said the critter was “tormenting the cows” when he found it. It is unknown whether Hatter had identified the creature as a wolverine before he shot it, or thought it was some other predatory animal.

In either case, officials say that Hatter appeared to have done nothing wrong. Although North Dakota may not have had a visit from a wolverine in well over a century, the state surprisingly still has a closed hunting season for the animal. More to the point, the state also allows ranchers to kill predators that attack or harass livestock. In this case, it just happened to be an animal that covered a lot of territory.

Stephanie Tucker, a furbearer biologist for the North Dakota Game and Fish’s Wildlife Division, believes the wolverine may have made a record journey. Initially, wildlife officials suspected the wolverine may have come from Montana. Scattered and unconfirmed reports of a wolverine in the area can be traced back to March, and a wolverine may have last been seen in the Hingham area.

“It could be the same individual—it’s not often for these things to take off across the prairie,” Tucker told the Helena Independent Record. “The fact one was seen in northeast Montana before one turned up here, the odds are greater it’s the same individual than two individuals at the same time.”

However, data recovered from a tracking device on the animal showed that it may have actually come from as far away as Colorado. The wolverine was fitted with the tracking device in 2008 just south of Yellowstone National Park. In 2012, when the device’s battery died, the wolverine was enjoying a stay in Colorado.

“That little critter’s put on a lot of miles,” Jeb Williams, chief of North Dakota Game and Fish’s Wildlife Division, told The Bismarck Tribune.

Tucker hopes that more data could be gleaned from the tracking device, perhaps shedding some light on how—and why—the animal ended up in North Dakota.

As for the wolverine itself, the carcass was turned over to wildlife officials, who plan to mount the wolverine and put it on display. Not the most glamorous of ends, but at least its stay will be commemorated.

Image from jared.hatter on Facebook

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163 thoughts on “North Dakota Ranch Hand Shoots Animal Attacking Cows, Turns out to Be Wolverine

  1. SICK. Hopefully, someone will shoot and mount the man who killed this animal. OH! I forgot….that’s DIFFERENT. Humans are superior and have a RIGHT to destroy every OTHER living creature on earth.

    1. Regardless to your beliefs, farmers and ranchers and even normal citizens have the right to protect their animals from predators/wild dogs. Farmers and ranchers, protect their livelyhood. Crawl into your little bubble where all animals live and never get killed. If we never killed an animal they would over run, run out of food, and become sick and diseas ridden and all die off. But that’s ok I your world because man let them live.

      1. Sounds as if you feel that animals are more important than human beings. How does a person get to that point that they feel thay way? Sounds like you need to reevaluate your priorities!

      2. Put action to your words coward. Kill yourself save the animals. What sniveling pansy coward you truly are.

    2. That’s right, Nancy… Man has dominion over all God’s creatures great and small… would you prefer we put the Animals in charge again? ….Anthropomorphic twit

      1. Animals were here hundreds of millions of years before humans appear and when they had the planet to themselves it was a pristine environment free from pollution, intentional violence, and wars. The appearance of man has literally brought the planet to its knees and is on the verge of imploding….so yeah, animals did a much better job of maintaining the planet than humans. Don’t worry mother nature will eventually return the planet back to the humans and let’s hope god will never ever again create another human being…..we are truly the only mistake god has ever made.

      2. Nature is red in tooth and claw. All predator-prey action is intentional violence. LOL

      3. LMAO what the hell are you smoking? Put the crack pipe down you moron. YOu were taught to hate humans and like a mindless puppet you did what you were told. What weak sniveling loser. Kill yourself to save the animal like you were told to do goo dumbass puppet.

      4. This god you talk of is just a figment of your imagination. If there truly was a god, YOU would have been fried by a lightning bolt long ago.

      5. You are a lost cause…. So ignorant. Your whole generation is so stupid and malinformed. I’m sure you have heard this before, so wouldn’t logic cause you to introspect and learn at least? If you did you might find out a ton more data that would ease your superiority complex and lighten the stress you must feel. Just like the schizophrenic that doesn’t believe they are wrong, but then after some time learn where they were going wrong and then their lives improve greatly through mess and therapy. Good luck.

    3. Do you torture children too you psychopath animal rights fruitcake. You hate being human so much put action to your words and kill yourself to save the animals.

    1. How do you know that no other animals were killed? Just because it only shows the wolverine dead doesn’t mean that it didn’t kill the other cattle. Wolverines are predators and will kill cattle!!!

    2. … springerj, “harassment” entails chasing your livestock around trying to take a bite out of them for “shits & giggles” as wolverines like to kill for the sheer joy of it & then piss on the dead carcass to prevent any man or beast to salvage it… I talked to a fellow awhile back who said that he & his father were hunting in the Montana back country & he sat down on a brush pile to rest & have lunch & a wolverine lashed his leg open when it came out of the pile, his father had to tie off his leg so that he wouldn’t bleed to death & haul him 30 miles to the nearest hospital to get patched up… so next time try to kiss a wolverine & see what happens…

  2. Go back to watching your Disney channel,if one of these were trying to kill your precious poodle,are you going to sit and watch,I’ve about had it with the misinformed animal rights people.

  3. wolverines are the canuk and u.s. versions of the mexican chupacabra; a nasty little beast withs very powerful jaws that can very, very easily take down a full grown heifer. i’d have shot him too! mean s.o.b.’s that kill for the adrenalin rush!

    1. Are you crazy? Chupacabras are a myth, like unicorns and pixies. No, a wolverine can’t take down a “full grown” heifer. Where do you people come from????

      1. it’s painfully evident you really did crawl out of a crapper. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. no, that’s not the case. i can trace my ancestors in this country to before the revolution. you are obviously too angry to understand. i’m a card carrying tree-hugger and voted for obama twice. your issues are two-fold : 1.) man or woman; its your time of the month; 2.) if you knew anything at all about the roots of your psychosis; you’d know that the defense mechanism you are employing now is known as is known as ‘projection’. you are attributing your failings and inability to deal with reality on to me. regarding me being a mean s.o.b. and killing for the thrill and adrenalin rush-more projection. but i would have a smile on my face after calmly dispatching you. your the one in your menses cycle. take to your bed woman, or get back on your meds and add midol for a week or so. the hysteria will pass but the psychosis requires serious medication-you can’t afford to miss a dose.

      2. Y would someone vote for him twice, everything out of his narcissistic mouth is a lie? Youre whats wrong with America today. Some people just don’t learn.

  4. I’m sure that the guy who shot it did not know what it was and certainly had a right to protect his stock. That said, Wolverines do NOT attack cattle, although I suppose they might harass them. Maybe! They are a wilderness animal and would seldom come in contact with domestic animals. Where would you get that idea? There is no such thing as a “chupacabra”. Some of you guys are so dumb its a wonder you learned how to handle a knife and fork. You’re comments keep proving it over and over again.

    1. It said it was in a calving pasture. A new calf may have looked like an easy meal, even if they don’t normally attack cows.

    2. Wolverines don’t travel from Colorado to North Dakota via Montana either ; but it appears this one did ! This critter was a super alpha male Wolverine if ever there was one . If he had the drive to roam that far he undoubtedly had enough drive to attack a cow . They have been witnessed chasing a grizzly off it’s kill and claiming as their own .

      1. Wolverines can travel very long distances in a short time. They are about the hardiest animal on the planet, they cover a lot of ground, and they don’t need a reason to do so.

      2. They can and do travel all day. Just not in a linear fashion where they wind up hundreds of miles away from where they were. They roam in circles, meander and root around, and have a home range just like any other predator. It’s stupid to say they “could”, of course they “could”, but they don’t…. Not like that. It’s multiple animals, anyone can see that.

    3. How do you know for sure that it wouldn’t attack cattle??? They are known for killing animals twice their size, it’s calving season lots of calves beIng born

    4. People like you are joke. Know it all punk kids running your mouth. Wolverines don’t attack cattle. You own a crystal ball know it all? That is dumbest comment I have ever read. Does Mommy help you get dress in the morning. Maybe one day you can grow up and move out of Mommies basement

      1. Wolverines do! attack livestock. Do your research before you make yourself look like the fool you are

      2. You miss my point I was quoting Tom the moron that said wolverines don’t attack livestock. Of course they do they are predators that is common sense.

      3. My bad. They are predators, and it’s is common sense which the Peta scumbags don’t get.

      4. Punk KID? You probably did not notice another post by Tom where he said that he has been hunting, fishing, etc. for 82 years. He is, if fact, an 82 year old punk kid.

    5. Didn’t think they were in Iowa either, till one moved into our neighbors abandoned basement barn and killed their German Shepherd, who was protecting their sheep and chickens. Guess that one must have come down from Ann Arbor ?

  5. Bravo for pro active ranch hand. Forget the tree huggers. Was he using a lever carbine, handgun or what? Give us the good details.

  6. I have been hunting and fishing all of 82 years, including guiding, and have taken more game and caught more fish than probably any one you have ever met. Why is it we seem to have so many stupid AH’s in our ranks? I have met countless smart, informed and decent people that I was proud to know, but then we have the usual few who embarrass all of the rest of us by their jackass comments.

      1. I could give you a lengthy answer, but it would accomplish nothing when someone has made up his mind already. Suffice to say you don’t know me or what you are talking about.

      2. Suggestion. End the horror. Stop talking to your older betters with disrespect. Get out of your safe space, visit the real world. Walk out on the prairie Then, If you feel inclined to follow Darwin’s guidance, Find a way to end it all. If that’s too scary and abrupt, perhaps you could simply spare the plants you eat the horror of ending up being chewed into small bits and just eat rocks, dirt or some other non organic thing. After all, are you more important than a rock? Of course, if you think rocks are sentient beings you may become hungry. In which case, do nothing for 30-40 days and it will all be over. At last.

        Ok, vegan diatribe finished. The cattle( most likely a baby cow) this predator was chasing, affect the ability for actual humans to send their children to school, feed them, buy medical care at the vastly inflated prices caused by Obamacare, or even buy clothes for the kids. Surely you are not advocating naked, homeless, starving farm children? If so, I suggest you buy two guns and put one in each hand, point it at your head and pull the trigger (less chance you will miss). Sometimes, your brand of heartless stupidity is a signal to the universe to improve the gene pool by having redundant cells shut down. That’s your thought for the day- your mind is an artificially programmed computer who’s code is simply wrong.

        There is hope for you though.

        Eat a steak, grass fed, provided to you through the courtesy of people who are up hours before the sun, who work harder Ned more physically then you probably ever have or will, and who do all this because they Love life, the animals who bless them with food and the people they supply with heathy, sustainable food.

        Have a nice day.

      3. Your not worth it. You people are arrogant hypocrites. Why isn’t there open season on you?

      4. at least he does not pay someone else to do it for him> i like my protein. everyone kills something to sustain themselves or has someone do it for them. if that is the case, you hire hit men, which is worse???

  7. There sure seems to be a lot of anti-human beings in this discussion. I kinda surprised you all don’t just thin out the human population by killing yourselves so the animals can have a little more room to thrive. Seems like a good idea to me.

    1. So you think an animal known for being extremely destructive and bad-tempered, killing prey larger than itself, and driving wolves off their own kills couldn’t possibly be harassing livestock?

    2. You’ve obviously never dealt with a wolverine and have no clue what they are capable of. Hope you never meet up with one in a dark alley.

      1. I live in western Montana and have spent a large portion of my life in the forests and high country and yes I have been around and seen Wolverines quite often. I would say its you thats never been around them

  8. I am really getting sick of people bashing the farmers and ranchers! Do you people realize where ALL of your food comes from? Well guess what it’s not the fricking Wal-Mart like you think it is the farmers and ranchers, yes even you so called vegans your food to comes from hard working farmers! If there is something out there killing my livelihood you darmstadt right I’m gonna shoot it! Remember the next time you are have your cup of coffee, your salad, your hamburger and fries it was all grown by some sort of farmer be it vegetables, grains or meat it was a farmer that made it possible, hell even the clothes on your back were made possible by a cotton farmer so instead of bashing maybe you should start thanking the farmers for sustaining your life!

    1. Lori where do you get off acting like Farmer and Ranchers can do no wrong if you want a list then so be it.

      #1 Farmers and Ranchers are responsible for the destruction and deforestation of the natural habitats of which this animal could have inhabited.

      #2 Farmers and Ranchers do supply a lot of food, Chalked full of antibiotics which has resulted in antibiotic resistant bacteria.

      #3 Farmers and Ranchers are cruel and inhumane in most practices with there livestock Example Windowless barns where the animals never see the light of day and are overcrowded sometimes standing next to other dead animals.

      #4 Farmers and Ranchers grow feed crops which are used in feeding lots which concentrates the animals population which results in large amounts of waste which ruins soil quality and contaminates ground water EX: a single hog excretes up to 17.5 pounds of manure and urine each day. Put 1,000 hogs together, and that’s six million pounds of waste each year.

      I’m not saying Farmers and Ranchers are bad but they are far from innocent

      and on a side note My food comes from my greenhouse and backyard I practice sustainable micro farming as to show my children how to respect and care for the plants and animals we eat like a real farmer does and I’ve had my fair share of wild life wonder into my garden and coop and never have I had to resort to killing the nuisance animal

      1. This is one of the most inaccurate and untrue comments I’ve read, and I won’t let you “think” you know how Farmers and Ranchers operate.

        #1 I’ve never seen or witnessed a Rancher deforest so he Farm the abundant mountainside littered with pine needles and tree stumps.

        #2 We don’t “chalk” animals full of antibiotics, we protect our herd, if one is sick yes we doctor it, just like you, I’m certain you’ve never been on antibiotics to clear an infection. Humans abuse antibiotics 10 times more than Ranchers use them to save their animals life.

        #3 Farmers and Ranchers are by no means “cruel and inhumane” 99% of us treat our animals with respect, we plant thousands of trees for windbreaks, we put in waterlines, we put up thousands of tons of hay to keep them fed, we check them daily, and document, records and protect every newborn calf. Which is exactly what this Ranch hand was doing.

        #4 You don’t know what the rules and regs are of owning a feedlot, if you did you would keep your mouth shut. Lets hear the amount of total N. that is actually leached through into the ground water after it is permeated through the soil. 99.9% of feedlots clean their lots, and distribute the manure that actually aids in soil quality and is a great fertilzer for the crops.

        and on a side note, you haven’t had a herd of deer or elk in your garden, or a wolverine in your chicken coop, cause if you did, you would no longer be practicing sustainable micro farming, you would be practicing untenable farming. This is real life, not a hobby, where a couple kernels of corn get mauled on by an earworm, or your chickens worst nightmare is your hand stealing their eggs. If you were a true rancher then your chickens would be free reign, and wouldn’t be held up in an inhumane coop. These people supply the worlds food, and without them, millions upon MILLIONS would die.

        The sooner you can understand what I’m about to say, the better off your kind will be.
        There is no culture without agriculture.

      2. So you speak for 100% of all Farmers and Ranchers world wide is that what I’m to understand so no farmer has ever sold unclean meat to a supermarket or disposed of waste in an unsafe manner or cut corners to ready a field for planting you must be the Lord Jesus Christ himself or Santa Claus for you to see and know all of this which of course you don’t so your whole argument is Null and Void my point was Farmers and Ranchers aren’t always in the right and YOUR Kind would be better off if you understood that it only takes 1 bad apple to spoil the bunch aka your 1% of farmers and ranchers who do sell tainted meat and produce who do treat there livestock unkindly and who do allow there livestocks waste contaminate ground water and I may not be the most educated but at least I don’t play like I’m a Noble prize winner on the subject I did what I wanted I voice my opinion

      3. Yeah, I don’t guess bunny rabbits and squirrels present much of a threat to your “livestock” operation……….

      4. maybe because I follow the 6 P’s Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Knowing what is in your area helps you plan out how your going to handle the situation. btw nice smart ass comment no I don’t have a large livestock operation but having a picture of you standing next to a tractor makes you a real farmer get off your high horse if you can even ride one …….

      5. Without farmers there’s no food and manure acually makes grass greener and healthier and the only time they are in a building is to protect them in several different ways otherwise most people leave the doors open so they are free to come,and go as they please and of one dies we don’t just leave it there, you need to learn about farming and ranching it sounds like

      6. Are you a farmer as it sounds like you are I wasn’t say all Ranchers and Farmers are bad my post was just to point out that not all play by the rules or follow them I’m sure most farmers and ranchers are decent people but you can not say with 100% certainty that all of them are good that was my point

      7. Are you a farmer as it sounds like you are I wasn’t say all Ranchers and Farmers are bad my post was just to point out that not all play by the rules or follow them I’m sure most farmers and ranchers are decent people but you can not say with 100% certainty that all of them are good that was my point

      8. Ron…you sound like a sheltered uneducated idiot. Get out of the city and learn something about real life. Don’t argue for fun because it sounds like you’re the one that will lose. I’m upset that I wasted my time to read your input in the first place.

      9. Thanks for replying to it though the time you wasted writing this only shows your equal to me in stupidity as what you wrote will affect me in no way and your comment had nothing to do with the article again thanks for your time 😉

      10. Thanks for replying to it though the time you wasted writing this only shows your equal to me in stupidity as what you wrote will affect me in no way and your comment had nothing to do with the article again thanks for your time 😉

      11. Thanks for replying to it though the time you wasted writing this only shows your equal to me in stupidity as what you wrote will affect me in no way and your comment had nothing to do with the article again thanks for your time 😉

      12. Ron, I am a Gardener and have greenhouses too! What do you do when the rodents and rabbits eat your whole garden up and destroy it. That you worked so hard for and counted one for survival?

      13. Ronda as I’m sure you know rabbits and most rodents can reproduce at a fast pace that being the case I do set traps out for them but most of the time my dogs keep them at bay as the house is on the perimeter of my garden and if deer are a problem I’ve had great success with lining the outside of my garden with daisy’s as the repel deer and as for birds I have a bait tree a large mulberry which keeps them fed and away from most the my other berries

      14. well, you kill animals to protect your garden, right? what is the difference in protecting your animals? where do you get your protein from? as humans, we are to smart for our own good. we have over populated the world. so now there is not enough habitat for the animals anymore. what is the solution? well, i guess we need to get rid of a lot of the people. will you volunteer to be put down for the good of the animals? that way we could eat those put down and not have to try and get the most meat from the acres we are ranching, right? let those without sin cast the first stones, right? do you kill insects for the good of your plants? nothing in this life is perfect, you should have learned that already. are there abuses, of course. are there criminals, of course? nothing is perfect, i guess we have to do the best we can, right? windows for cows? PLEASE!

      15. That is all good and well, but do you realize that if your dogs went after a Badger, Coyote, Mountain Lion, or Wolverine, those animals would not only kill them, but probably eat them too? True apex predators are nothing to mess with.

      16. Most of what you just said is very untrue… for instance.. we can not legally sale a cow to slaughter that has antibiotics in its system. The meat is antibiotic free. You go to the doctor when you are sick don’t you? Do you take medicine to get well? I bet you do. Does it stay forever in your system.. no. Do good ranchers and farmers try their best to keep livestock healthy so they don’t have to treat them? You bet they do! I’ve only made one point and you have several but I can answer them too. And certainly if you have taken the time to look up all the so-called “rotten” videos on YouTube then you can certainly find the time to look up some videos on real ranching and farming on YouTube and how they actually do it right. And if you tell me all you can find is bad videos than you sir need to realize that its another source that has no idea what they’re talking about and it’s feeding the American public full of s***.

      17. I could look up puppies playing in a meadow if I wanted to be ignorant to what really happens. Not all Farmers are bad not all ranchers are bad but my post was just stating there are those in the farming and ranching community who don’t always practice safety or humane farming that all I was trying to say but I see I’m in a group who is so one sided my comments triggered an out pouring or rage and negativity which is fine just goes to show how people in the real world when presented with something that goes against there own ideals

      18. no these people are the real world people like you in the city or suburbs have no clue about how hard it is to keep you all serviced you sit in your ivory towers writing regs about things you know little or nothing about. That is why you were attacked because you bit the hand that feeds the world.

      19. You said that farmers and ranchers were responsible for deforestation. Not completely true. Every city was built by cutting down trees at one point. In many cases those suburbs were forest. Ranchers and farmers prefer open land, they don’t like having to cut down hundreds of trees, because then you have to clear the land of stumps. That takes time. Most of the Plains States were prairie, not a lot of trees. Ranchers actually like trees on their land, along with open grazing land, because it gives the animals a place to find shade, and it generally means water is nearby. Did you know that at one point in this countries history, the east coast, mostly the northern region, had nearly all their trees cut down? Not for ranching or farming, but to ship the wood to Europe, to build ships. Most of the trees you see now, were planted to replace those lost. History is a great thing, when you know it.

      20. I could look up puppies playing in a meadow if I wanted to be ignorant to what really happens. Not all Farmers are bad not all ranchers are bad but my post was just stating there are those in the farming and ranching community who don’t always practice safety or humane farming that all I was trying to say but I see I’m in a group who is so one sided my comments triggered an out pouring or rage and negativity which is fine just goes to show how people in the real world when presented with something that goes against there own ideals

  9. A wolverine is one mean creature that will take on a animal much bigger than itself. So, it’s not unusual for it to attack livestock. It will also keep coming back. We may never know all of the details. But it’s a plausible reason for killing it. Besides, if there is one wolverine, there are probably others in the area.

  10. Anyone that has cattle has the right to protect their livelihood. You idiots that are animal rights activists or what the hell ever you wan to call yourselves, need to realize that. Shooting a wolverine is not different then having to shoot a coyote that kill cattle or any other animal that is a persons livelihood. You ARA claim to be for the right s of animals and such. What about the rights of the cattle that get killed by predators ? Y’all need to wake up and smell the coffee !!And you make me sick !

    1. Cattle rights why is it that I can look up Animal abuse on youtube and find full grown men rolling dairy cows with forklifts how this is OK and an animal killing another animal is called the Circle of life they aren’t killing it just to kill it they are eating it to survive. and you Dorothy make me sick cause you’d rather pretend this shit doesn’t happen then try to make it better

      1. No, we don’t ignore it. We try and make it better by providing a safe place for our cows, so people who are getting meat are getting it from a place where they know the cows grew up happy and healthy. so don’t put us all in the same boat. It’s like saying that all dog owners are bad because there are lots of cases of dog abuse.

      2. Hey dippy doo! It’s not cattle rights it’s property rights. The cattle are owned and have dollar value. The rancher has zero responsibility to just allow the loss of property to any wild animal. They even cross the line they die. Unless of course folks like you want to cover their losses… But you don’t even contribute a dime to support wildlife. My guess is that if this guy hunts and fishes he contributes at least hundreds per year. Grow up and learn, big boy.

      3. Have you ever tried to move a cow that refuses to get up? Cows go down for many reasons, and when they can’t get up, you cannot just pick them up. They weigh 1500 lbs or more. A cow that goes down is dying, they cannot survive extended time laying down, it affects their insides and they die. Moving them with a tractor is often the only way to get them out of the barn. If you think otherwise, I want to see you pick it up and move it. Learn something before commenting, you will sound more intelligent, and not so foolish.

  11. This animal was not attacking cattle – he comes to their kneecaps! He was surrounded by curious cattle and this idiot shot first so he could have something to mount. He deserves to spend some time in a federal prison for killing a protected animal. I’m sick of these morons using “protecting my livestock” as an excuse to kill our wildlife. No excuse for stupid!

    1. The wolverine, a solitary animal, has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself. Please do your research before you criticize the actions of one who was protecting the animals under his care.

      1. Perhaps both sides have a valid point. I grew up on a ranch and I still thinks its darn remarkable that a solitary Wolverine would be seen for the first time in 150 years. I understand the hired man wanted to protect the landowners calf but also wish we knew of a way to shoot it with a cameral instead of a weapon.

      2. Lost in America-. This site has a good number of rural people who are familiar with livestock and predators. They are intelligent and can share their opinion in a civil way. You, Sir, are not one.

    2. If there is no excuse for stupid then you have no excuse for your totally uninformed post, you anthropomorphic ninny!

    3. If it’s on MY property it WILL be dealt with accordingly, unless YOU are going to start paying the property taxes, shit for brains. BBB..

    4. What the heck man?? Clearly you know little about farm life. Or predators, for that matter. It doesn’t matter how much smaller it is than the cows, especially since it was in the CALVING PEN. The only thing that spells is TROUBLE. if people like you had it their way, those of us who actually know about ranching, who actually know what predators are capable of, would lose all our livestock and livelihood because you feel sorry for that poor innocent little animal. You conveniently overlook the fact that those same animals are hungry, that they know farm animals are easy prey, and that we know FROM EXPIRIENCE we can’t afford to take risks or make exceptions. So before you go name calling or making ill-thought and uneducated remarks like that, learn a bit about it it. As you said, there’s no excuse for stupid.

    5. He didn’t mount it anyways the game and fish did if he knew it was a wolverine and wanted to moint it and that’s supposedly why he shot it, don’t you think he would of kept it if he wanted to mount it?

    6. It’s up the knees of a full grown cow yes. This time of year almost every rancher has brand new calves running around. They are very small and vulnerable. In my area, calves get regularly attacked/killed by coyotes. Just passing on knowledge. No need to be this angry about something you’re not 100%. Familiar with. Knowledge is power, champ.

    7. Have you ever been around a wolverine??? If you ever encounter one I wish i the best of luck. They are mean period. And will take on things well past their size. And without it being provoked.

    8. Since you were there C. Rock you know that it wasn’t harassing the cattle? I didn’t see anything about him mounting it. The FWP is in possession of the carcass and THEY plan to mount it. You seem to be the moron in this case.

    9. Obviously you know nothing about wolverines and the size of the animals they hunt. They have been known to attack and kill full grown grizzlys.

    10. i guess you know nothing about wolverines, right? they will attack bears. plus they certainly would have a great time on a calf just birthed. start signing checks to your wild life officials so they can reimburse the ranchers, OK?

    11. Wolverines standing on their back legs (which they do often) are taller than a new born calf. That is what it was after, no one is suggesting it was trying to take down a full grown cow. You are really some kind of clueless. If hungry enough it would attempt the full grown cow though I am sure. Just like if you were hungry enough you would attempt to do something other than go through the drive through…..

    12. your a real special one eh too lazy to even look up the animal they chase grizzlies off their kills they kill 1000 pound animals for food in the north go you tube it you can manage a search then come back and explain how harmless wolverines are bwa hahaha

    13. WHAT!!! Ignorance is not always bliss. By all means stand for what you believe in but at least educate yourself before you do so that others might understand your point of view. Otherwise you just sound like a fool.!!!!!!~

  12. Just for giggles, I would request that all of the people that have voiced an opinion here would reveal their age. I would be curious to find out if there were some trend in thought and belief that would correlate in some way to age. I think I can see a tendency here and would find it interesting to know how right, or wrong, my thinking is. I’ll start, I have 2 posts here. I am a 68, 69 in July, year old man. This is not intended to stir up any meanness or I’ll will. We are all human beings. Can’t we be more understanding and tolerant without the hostility and name calling?

    1. A good post Alan. My age is 82 and I am sure that age makes a generational difference in viewpoint. The culture, such as it is, has changed hugely in my lifetime. So far as being more understanding and tolerant, I wish us all luck. Just one of the main differences that I see is an increasing unfamiliarity and ignorance of wildlife and nature in general among the younger generation, unsurprising since by and large they have had less exposure to it. Some of the posts here illustrate that. Yes, the name calling is very counter productive. Too bad.

      1. Thank you for taking time to fill in the blanks Tom. BTW, did you see where brice called you a kid? (Actually punk kid)

    2. I’ve read all of the comments on this thread. I have to say, I don’t understand why those that are bleeding heart liberal, tree hugging, save a murderer​ people are even reading these stories. I didn’t notice if the article said the cows were dropping calves or not. Those ranchers and their hands have quite a bit of danger to watch out for some times being more dangerous. I’ve never had the privilege of seeing a Wolverine. That would not have stopped me from killing it. Too many of these people against killing it have no idea what’s required to run a successful ranch or even put food on the table some times. I absolutely love wolves and it breaks my heart to hear of them being killed. However, I understand if they posed a danger. Most of the thinking comes from parents not teaching common sense or exposing their kids to reality. Of course there is always the fact that they are just dumb as heck too. I won’t say my age, but I will say I’m not a youngun anymore.

    3. Alan—im 72. I do not personally have any friends who qualify as “slob” hunters. But I lost a beautiful Irish Setter shot at our front gate. road sign and mail boxes with dozens of bullet holes, arrest record of slobs who “shine” deer and they always seem to be 20-35 of age with part time farm jobs And lots of road hunters who are too lazy to walk out their birds. Plus close to my Rural Elec coop who have thousands of $ of wire insulators etc shot out. Last fall, a rancher had a half dozen cows with .22 bullet holes in them. two young guys out drinking after the bars closed. that is what we call slobs. Many good guys but how many bad hombres do we need among us?

  13. Question for all those who claim that killing this predator was a horrible mistake. What would you have done if this rancher would have let this animal lived and it wandered to YOUR property and attacked someone or something you loved? Think beyond just the calves which had the right to be protected. What about this ranchers family? A fully grown wolverine such as the one he killed have been recorded to attack fully grown adult humans causing severe injuries and even death. Now what if this rancher had a child? What about those of you who have children who wanted the animal to be spared? Would you allow that animal the chance to hurt your child or would you save your child? Think before you react about what could happen beyond the immediate future.

    1. I would have put a freakin hay bale on the other side of the pasture and then harrassed the wolverine til it left.

      1. get on your little dc-17 , load up a big bale, and take it to a protected area of the pasture, cows will go where the food is, so lead the cattle with food to a protected area then return to predator and harass it with noise until it leaves , simple

      2. it is a lot like the difference between capitalism and communism. it looks great on paper but in real life things are not that easy. wolverines are not that easy to harass. next time someone is taking your wallet just let them, they deserve to live a great life to. the cows are calfing, they are in the protected area already, i assume. why would not the wolverine just follow the cows?? YOU MAKE IT SOUND EASY, but the reality is not there.

      3. This guy obviously doesn’t think ahead. If they cows are supposed to follow their food source to the other side of the pasture then why wouldn’t the wolverine follow its food source to the other side of the pasture

      4. don’t be silly if the predator is actually present when you are you haze it then and there. Otherwise, you plan ahead, once you have your cattle safely restricted to an acre , set up you hazing devices and photography equipment around the remainder of your property, fairly soon you will be able to establish the predators pattern and make his presence on your property really unpleasant by setting up your hazing devices along it’s reqular route. were not talking about something common like a coyote problem, it’s a wolverine, it surely doesn’t have buddies around, it’s an extremely rare animal, you just need to convince the one animal to take a hike .

      5. wow do you know one frikken thing about the species or did yu attach to the word rare species and start spouting off the wolverine will not leave as long as it has an easy food source and if you think something like bear bangers is going to deter one you know nothing of the species.

      6. Doug garner, I’m sorry, you are setting yourself up. You are definitely being viewed as a frigging kook. This is the real world, not the VH1 one but the real one. The animal gets hungry pretty much every day. At least he’s looking constantly at the menu. Sometimes I might even be two legged animals on thel menu. The one thing you can probably count on is inconsistency. Although he may develop a somewhat habitual schedule, you don’t have unlimited time to play with theory. do yourself a favor and stop sharing your theories with the veterans out there. Just a bit of friendly advice.

      7. are you for real, go look up wolverines before you open your trap with false info that could get someone killed
        a wolverine is fully capable of killing a grown man and will.

      8. you should go naked and poke one with a stick , but I would go armed and stay inside my cab when one is present

      9. This is a joke, right? I’m not a rancher, but I even understand how nuts these things are. They’re amazing animals, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t even dream of tangling with one.

      10. harass doesn’t mean go rub it’s belly. I would feel pretty safe harassing it from the cab of an 8320 with a 30-06 next to me. It somehow made it from the rockies to north dakota without detection, it obviously wanted nothing to do with cattlemen or cows. It was most likely on the move, who knows where.

      11. BWAAAHHHHAAAAHHHAAHAAHAHAHA!!!! STOP YOUR KILLING ME!!!! Ok let me get this straight…. The wolverine will just sit there and wait this whole time? Holy crap, why didn’t anyone think of that before? Wait does that mean you can only have like a couple cows? Cuz if you have hundreds or thousands it will get really hard to collect them really fast and make them share a single bale of hay. Just sayin…. Or, I know, wwe can just pop up a really high fence all around the thousands and thousands of acres it takes to run a ranch. That wouldn’t be cost prohibitive would it? Or, another idea…. We could invent the hover ranch or hover farm…. That way the demigod animals could run about freely and neither the train shall meet. Thanks for your incredible insight! Just think they all thought you were an idiot….

      12. Oh, and they’re not afraid of a single animal but are deathly afraid of noise. Wow. Hey all, did you get that? So get your undies in bunch, geez. Doug Warner is a genius….

      13. ok Ock, you may need to actually own the land before you put up a fence, but anyway that’s a pretty lame idea. There’s a good chance that by making your human presence known, assuming you’re in a large protected vehicle, and you have nothing to worry about, yes, that could cause a wolverine to take off. If not and that wolverine really had acquired a taste for calf?, then it’s gotta go. But I don’t think that’s what happened , I think it was shoot first figure out what it is later…And I have seen a wolverine on the move in the wild, it looks nothing like a coyote, even from a 150 yards you would know, you might think what kind of creature moves like that but you would not think it’s a coyote.

      14. wow you are a leaf licker extraordinaire eh, A wolverine is the meanest toughest angriest animal out there they have been known at 50 pounds in size to chase grizzly bear that weighs 1500 pounds off moose kills they also kill moose (2000 animal) your ignorance is blinding.

  14. First wolverine photographed in the area in 100 years – Dead because of a idiot. Pitiful. I get it, the rancher is protecting his investment, but there are better ways. The death of a rare animal over the “potential” death of some cows that are going to be slaughtered anyway… Seems upside down. This moron has the judgment of a goat. In truth , this happens ALL the time. This stupid idiot was just SOOOOO stupid he alerted the media instead of quietly burying the wolverine. Jerk.

    1. just remember when someone comes to take your wallet, you allow them to, because they have the right to live also, right?

    2. Get over yourself. If that animal was going to take $$ out of your pocket then you would have done the same thing. You want to run your mouth about something you obviously have no idea about. Go hug a tree and consider it a good day.

    3. lol your the moron they are not rare they are solitary and stay away from anything they do not want to eat i see several a year when prospecting the back country here in Canada so please drop the he is an idiot rhetoric there are plenty of them and he did the right thing

    4. You are stupid! He was a ranch hand. It WAS HIS JOB TO PROTECT THE LIVE STOCK!!! He done his job. If he hadn’t and the rancher seen/ found out he would have been fired. His family would have suffered. You no brain having city folks have know idea what it takes to make it in the country. Do you really think that the life of an animal is more important than the livelihood of a man? If so you’re a special kind of stupid!

    5. He did not notify the media, he notified Game and Fish. Which he was suppose to do. How do you think ranchers make a living? Yes, by raising and selling cows and calves which some of are eventually slaughtered, but use your head…..that is how they make a LIVING! So if “some” cows were killed by an animal it could potentially cost THOUSANDS of $ to a ranchers income! You need to think more full circle instead of so “uneducated mainstream”.

    6. Experience: a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something. This generally lacking in “furbaby” mentality.

    7. Chill, All of the unflattering words you just used, idiot, moron, jerk? Look them all up in Websters and you will find the definition to be “chill”, along with your photo. If you are going to ASSume and make up shit, be aware that you will get caught. See Dacota below about that “media” thing. And quietly burying it is how you and/or your media and YOUR president obama would have handled it. It’s in your genes , you can’t help it, quietly bury it, like the IRS, Benghasi 4 dead americans, fast and furious, NSA spying, hillary’s secret server, GSA scandal, VA death lists (2 lists 1 real other for public) JUST TO NANE A FEW issues you and your kind tried to QUIETLY BURY. I’m glad to say it chill but you could have chosen much better words for your own purpose than “quietly burying”, accidently revealing how you, and your kind, would have handled getting rid of evidence. It’s being done all the time. But wait, instead of burying (quietly) it, he did the stupid, most would say honorable, thing and turned it in to Game & Fish. Seeing all of your support here in the follow up comments, I’ll stop writing before I hurt your feelings. Have a nice day. Alan w. Smith.

  15. Too bad, I can see why he shot it though. I was fortunate enough to see one in the wild, just south of James Bay. Not too many people get the privilege.

  16. Good thing he killed it those things can be nasty. They’re not afraid of anything. Not even grisly bears which are much bigger than they are.

    1. Grizzly bears are afraid of them. I saw a video of a grizzly bear treed by a wolverine, it was a huge one, and it was crying up in that tree like a cub.

  17. Slow day outdoor hub? Running a story from almost a year ago. Pretty neat story though! A shame he had to die, but rancher did NOTHING wrong. Harassing it to go away is as effective as buying your kid the toy/treat they want while they lay on the floor screaming. Works for about 15 minutes.

  18. It seems strange to me that the DNR around the country always say the same thing about stuff like this. The mountain lions and wolves all over the country are said to have made many unprecedented record breaking “solo trips”. Perhaps “global warming” has effected them to the point where they propagate asexually and are now solitary and autonomous. They get the hankering for road trips (probably influenced by the MTV culture from the last twenty years). Why in the world would a 30 pound wolverine ever travel hundreds and hundreds of miles for any reason? Why would that make more sense than saying there must be at least two? STUPID!!! Face it, wolves, bears, coyotes, pigs, and now wolverines are expanding in populations that are untold. The overseers are lying or wrong. People use some sense! Stop following them so blindly. You are outdoors people and you have your own eyes and brain. You are educated and know where and how to find information. Like I said they are inept or lying.

    1. understand why he shot it but far too many people reach for their rifle & scope to get a closer look…before killing what ever it might be.

      1. Let them harass, maim and kill something of yours worth thousands of dollars that has to provide for you and your family, and then we’ll see how you feel.

      2. Terry- take a deep breath. I said i understand why the ranch hand shot the animal. The “other people” i had in mind are called “slob hunters” here in Dakota. The kind of guy(s) who drive the backroads in their old pick up with a case of beer and no real job. They stop to pee, throw the empty beer cans in your ditch and shoot at the power line transformers or insulators bringing power to your place and your neighbors. And if they spot a deer, your kids’ pet dog or a wolverine, they shoot, hit and laugh. got it?

      3. Well mylo, I guess that answers my question about your post 17 days ago. It’s just that, I don’t personally know, and I have done some hunting and met a lot of people in my life, nor have I ever met in my 69 years, the kind of people you describe in this post. They MUST be killary’s deplorables because they are not mine or President Trump’s. Not saying but, do you actually know any? That actually act like that? Or have you heard about them?
        Respectfully, Alan w. Smith

      4. Very, very few. You can’t get a gun safety certificate if you don’t understand that the idea of shooting indiscrimately is a terrible idea. It is widely known that you do not ever pull the trigger on anything if it is not 100% verified that you are shooting safely and ethically. Because of very few all of us are labeled by you and your kind. That folks that live out state or in rural situations just go around “shoot in’ sh@&”. Besides using the scope is one of the ways a hunter does identify a potential target. Just never people or shoot indiscriminately.

      5. I truly dont get it. What does that mean? What was said that tells you he don’t make his living ranching?

      6. Hi Mylo, I’m a little uncertain about the interpretation of your post. Could you tell me in more precise terms what the point you are trying to make? In all due respect, there must be a criticism there but I am not certain who and what. Thank you.

    2. I’ve been saying the same thing about Cougars in Illinois (and elsewhere).
      We’ve had dozens of unconfirmed sightings, and several that the DNR finally reluctantly confirms -because the evidence is clear and indisputable.
      Those confirmed ones are always said to be a young male that has wandered in from some far away point.
      They never, ever entertain the suggestion that we have a resident population -they go out of their way to say that we do not.
      I think in the case of Illinois, acknowledging a large predator living here would present too many challenges for our resource poor und undermanned DNR.

      1. They waste all the money on administration and sensitivity training. They are not poor but yes undermanned. That’s on purpose just like everything they do. I live 26 miles north of Minneapolis. There is no wilderness anywhere near or in between. My neighbor lost her pet English flop eared rabbit to a wolf in her suburban backyard. The hole through her chicken wire cage was 15″ in diameter (way bigger than a coyote could or would make it or need it). I had hair samples that were caught in the chicken wire and tracks in the mud around it and in the snow. Also the hole was 24″ at least off the ground, which would be higher than a coyote head. They actually got irritated with me on the phone and tried to scold me on the “fact” that there aren’t any wolves in the metro area (which is some 300 miles from the wilderness)! They have lied for decades about wolf numbers and other predators. How or why would anyone trust what they have to say.

  19. lol I live a couple of hours from montana in Canada BC and we see them every year 2-3 of them, we have lots here no reason why there should not be lots in montana with similar terrain to us and being so close.

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