Dogs have a reputation for protecting their owners unflinchingly, and last week a two-year-old German shepherd lived up to that reputation by taking three bites from a rattlesnake while defending a seven-year-old girl. According to Donya DeLuca, her young daughter Molly and newly adopted dog, Haus, were playing in her backyard in Tampa, Florida last Wednesday when the two came across the deadly snake.

“Molly and Haus were looking for his toys he likes to put outside, when a large rattlesnake appeared,” DeLuca wrote on her Facebook. “Haus stood his ground, protecting my daughter and was bitten three times before the snake slithered away. Molly is fine, just shaken up and upset. Haus is fighting for his life.”

The snake was an eastern diamondback, one of the most venomous snakes on the continent. It, along with its western cousin, is also responsible for the highest fatality rate among rattlesnakes in North America. Snake bites are now often treated successfully with antivenom, but children are still especially vulnerable. Experts say that the average eastern diamondback has enough venom stored to kill about 10 adults, depending on its size. That is certainly more than enough to put one German shepherd in grave danger.

“We are pumping him full of expensive anti-venom,” DeLuca wrote online. “So far 4 vials. His vitals are strong and if we can afford enough anti-venom he will recover with no ill-effects.”

Antivenom is effective but very expensive. Humans who are treated for rattlesnake bites could see hospital bills soar well into the thousands, and Haus was no exception. Only halfway into the dog’s treatment, DeLuca already received a bill for $10,000. Yet the family was determined to save their pet’s life. They had only recently lost their beloved dog of 12 years, and they were not about to lose Haus either.

The family set up a GoFundMe for Haus’s treatment, raising over $50,000 in less than five days. After several days where it was touch and go, it seems that Haus may finally be coming out of the woods.

“Haus is doing great; Walked up to me the most “Haus-like” we’ve seen since before the incident,” DeLuca wrote in a recent update. “He ate some chicken and drank water. I took him outside for a brief walk and potty break.”

As Haus recovers, DeLuca recalls the terrifying sight of a rattlesnake, her daughter, and the heroic dog between them.

“He instantly positioned himself between the snake and Molly, so at first, her and her grandma didn’t even realize what he was staring at—but then all of a sudden there was all of this blood,” DeLuca told TODAY.

She added that while they only adopted the German shepherd two months ago, the canine readily took to her kids and has always been protective.

Image from Dony Deluca on Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Hero Dog Takes Rattlesnake Bites for 7-year-old

  1. Here we go again,…more snake BS. Rattlesnakes do not “attack”. The dog undoubtedly attacked the snake. If they had just left it alone all would have been OK. Lots more to this BS story than we know I am sure. More ignorance around about snakes than any other subject, I have been around them most of my life, so I know.

    1. I guess a little kid and a dog out in the yard got in the snakes way. f***! I have nothing against rattlesnakes, but having them in my yard would be their last day. while out in the wild they can go their marry way. I kill when I need to. anything I need to, to live to survive. what ever type of animal it is on up to humans. just a survivor.

    2. How many viewers of this video would send money to have Tom Warner survive an attack by an Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake ? How many to save the snake ? They are after all an endangered species .

  2. It was a Diamond Back Rattle Snake for Gods Sake! It’s a shame Grandma didn’t have a Hoe handy so she could’ve cut the damned things head off.
    Since you weren’t there, shut up about how much you know (you know nothing about this), give cudos to the dog and be thankful that the snake didn’t bite the child! Jeez… Tree hugging, PETA Brain, Liberal Morons make me wanna throw up. Go stuff a few envelops for your favorite Fem or Neo Nazi candidate, eat a nice tree salad, have a Coke and a smile then shut the hell up. (misunderstood snake) idiot!

  3. You know-nothings are SO predictable! You always resort to blow hard name calling. I have caught and handled many hundreds of rattlers, including Diamondbacks, done more hunting, fishing and shooting then you ever will, and think PETA types are fools.

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