It’s big, it’s flashy, and it’s expensive, but can the iPhone make the cut as a fishing lure? Of course, it is far from being ideal, but one angler decided to put his old, broken iPhone on the end of his line.

“An iPhone can do pretty much anything, but can a broken one be used as a fishing lure and work?” asked Australian angler Brett Stanford of YouTube’s How Ridiculous.

An iPhone may net you something at the Apple store, but in the ocean? Our guess is that there’s not a whole lot of Apple fans among fish.

Believe it or not, it took Stanford less than 15 minutes to get a fish on the hook – and a nice 11-pound salmon at that.

“That is unbelievable,” Stanford said.

He mentioned that he often experiments with other types of outlandish lures, but the iPhone was surprisingly effective.

“It took about two and a half minutes to get the fish in, but I had to play it pretty safe as I didn’t want to lose my lure,” Stanford told Mashable. “They often take lures, but on this particular day lots of lure types weren’t working, which is what makes it even more amazing that the iPhone did work. Apple has obviously done something right.”

Now we just have to wait for a response from Android.

Image screenshot of video by How Ridiculous on YouTube

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