Will and Jimmy Primos have been two of the most creative minds in the hunting industry, developing deer calls such as The Can and elk calls like the Hoochie Mama. Jimmy was at the booth for the 2016 NRA show, and he was quick to tout the simultaneous use of multiple elk calls for optimum effectiveness.

“Guides tell us all the time that they carry two Hoochie Mamas and use them simultaneously to sound like a herd of elk on the move,” Jimmy said. “Since the caller can be adjusted to sound like a cow or a calf, using the two sounds together adds great realism.”

In keeping with this theme of multiple call sounds, Primos has introduced the On the Double elk call (left in photo above). Its two reeds allow a hunter to sound like two estrus cows competing for the attention of the herd bull, or a cow and a calf.

Also new in elk calls is the Primos Timberline Open Reed (above right). Its open single-reed reproduces the high pitches of cows and calves. For those hunters who want to make the same sounds but prefer a “bite and blow” style call, Primos just announced the Timberline Closed Reed (above center). An elk hunter controls the pitch by bite pressure, and volume is regulated by the amount of air blown into the call. “The wooden barrel of the Timberline Closed Reed mellows the tone just right,” Jimmy said. “It perfectly mimics the sounds of a cow or calf.”

Jimmy was also quick to show off the company’s newest scouting camera that requires only four AA batteries, the Bullet Proof 2. “You put in a media card and turn it on,” he said. “There are no adjustments, which makes it incredibly easy to use.” Suggested retail price on the Bullet Proof 2 is $86.95. For that low price, hunters can buy a few cameras to keep tabs on several game trails or hot scrapes.

To see the new Bullet Proof 2 scouting camera, as well as the Primos Trigger Sticks, click on the two NRA show booth visit videos below.

Image by Joe Byers

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