Kaitlin Woodward loves to hunt and fish, and during spring, when carp move shallow to spawn, she can combine her two passions into one high-adrenaline adventure – bowfishing!

As is often the case when an attractive young woman makes a hunting video or posts a photo online of a harvested game animal, the haters crawl out of their holes to voice their opinions. But Kaitlin isn’t backing down. Recently on her Facebook page she wrote a reply: “Do some research ON YOUR OWN about the MAJOR carp problem here in the Midwest, especially in the Illinois and Mississippi River where this carp was shot. Bowfishing is legal for a reason. I am a fisher and a hunter and I WILL NOT apologize for it!”

Well said, Kaitlin, and good shooting, too!

Image screenshot of Kaitlin Woodward video on Facebook

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