It may not be the next Olympic sport, but for some, skarping is the perfect marriage of extreme sports and fishing. Invented by the travel group Peoria Carp Hunters, it involves rustling up river carp with a speed boat, causing them to jump out of the water, and then capturing them in any way that you see fit. The fisherman, who is trailing the boat on water skis, uses a net, a bucket, and even a pitchfork in order to subdue the fish.

Combining the joy of water skiing with the joy of fishing, this extreme sport requires the utmost in safety and knowledge of the local waters. Leaving plenty of room for silliness, skarping, if nothing else, looks like a blast.

Home to aerial bowfishing charter tours, Peoria Carp Hunters hunt/fish exclusively for the invasive Asian carp. The organization is run by U.S. Coast Guard certified captain Nate Wallick, who conducts the bowfishing adventures on the Illinois River near Peoria, Illinois.

Unfortunately, while skarping would be a welcome addition to the adventure, clients are unable to participate in the event due to insurance purposes.

Image is screenshot from zacandnate video on YouTube

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