Leaders in the European Union have recently proposed additional restrictions on muzzleloaders and other antique weapons, reportedly over fears of terrorism and organized crime. As ludicrous as it may sound, the 20 member-assembly that holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union—currently from the Netherlands—is concerned that terrorists or criminals may use single-shot firearms to carry out their nefarious deeds. To counter this, the assembly has proposed that reproductions of antique firearms be banned, and that single-shot muzzleloading firearms be moved from Category D to the highly-restricted Category C.

The European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation (FACE), says that up to 12 million hunters and collectors may be affected.

“Who will believe that the removal of the Category D and the prohibition of reproductions of antique firearms will
effectively contribute to the fight against organized crime and terrorism?” FACE stated in a press release. “No report highlighted that reproduction of antique firearms constitute a danger for security and society. Criminals using Kalashnikovs and arms dealers who supply terrorists on the black market will not be affected by these new constraints which exclusively hit honest citizens, legal owners of single-shot reproductions of antique firearms.”

Indeed, advocates say there have been no documented cases of terrorism involving a muzzleloader in Europe. Critics of the proposal say it is comical to think that terrorists or criminals will turn to single-shot firearms, and that the proposal will only harm hunters and collectors.

“For FACE, these unnecessary and draconian measures will provoke the anger of the 12 million law abiding citizens who will be wondering why the EU does not focus on the real public safety issues such as traceability of weapons, their irreversible deactivation and interoperability of databases,” the organization argued.

You can learn more about this proposal from capandball, a YouTuber from Hungary and an avid black powder shooter.

Image screenshot of video by capandball on YouTube

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16 thoughts on “EU Leaders Propose Restrictions on Muzzleloaders over Terrorism Fears

  1. This is what 60 years of socialism gets you – rights restricted to the point of ridiculousness.Their real goal is to effectively eliminate private ownership of any means of asserting individual rights, and to put the heel of government’s (or the ruling class’s) boot on the neck of the individual. This is what brought fascism into power in 1920 – 1930’s Europe, and they are making the same mistake again. The One World movement’s true objective is to create an empire that crushes liberty, ignores freedom and rights, and enslaves the population that lives under their control.

    Evil by any other name is still evil, and anything that proposes total control of individual rights given by God is evil.

  2. Don’t live in Europe! The only way to keep your rights is to defend them! Freedom has always been challenged, it’s not free!

    In1814 we took a little trip
    along with Colonal Jackson
    down the mighty Mississipp
    we took a little bacon and
    we took a little beans and
    we fought the bloody British
    to the town of New Orleans!

    1. Not a good example , check history , at least one state , and some cities in New England attempted to surrender and join England .

    2. Count the graves of Americans still in Europe from two wars.Know of any Europeans buried here from either of those wars. I feel sure we have many buried here from our War of Independence especially from France and Germany.

  3. It’s pretty sad in America today, seems like
    there are too many cowards! If you are a passive society, you lose rights! Someone wants to take them, you either stop them, or wave goodbye to your rights!

  4. We’ve been told how we are the home of the brave, and land of the free! Well, right now we are being tested on both! If we want to remain free, we must be brave! One skinny, big-eared, hood rat, with the gift of gab, has marched right into the top spot, and he has whipped our asses! If we don’t grow a pair soon, that big-eared, bastard is gonna be dictator!

  5. Soon the E.U. is going to start arranging designated victims for the muslim terrorists equipped with a bullseye so the terrorists don’t get too frustrated seeking a victim ( and to insure their own safety ) .
    That sort of thing has a precedent in Europe where a town official would carry a white flag in one hand and a list of the Jews in the town to invading Nazis to show his cooperation

  6. You are seeing in Europe, as in Australia, the future of America. You have a choice,either elect the idiot Trump who will maybe protect our rights to have arms or Hillary who will take them if she is elected. You decide if your government can protect you from what happened in Orlando.Feds knew this man was a nut but probably did not act because of upsetting the Muslim community,never mind our community. It still remains a fact, 1 person in that club with a sidearm, and the skill to use it could have stopped this Muslim.Any arguments.What about Sandy Hook?What about the movie theater killings? Do you remember the off duty or retired deputy who shot an attacker as he intended to kill all present? You have a vote coming up,use it wisely and think of the many countries our soldiers have had to pull “dependents” fat out of the fire since 1941.

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