Each year in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota, diehard muskie hunters take part in the annual Metro Muskie Tournament. This year, anglers could fish on one or more of 25 muskie lakes in the metro between the times of 6 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on June 11. Only live released muskies can be entered, and those measuring 40 inches or more must be verified by a witness. A digital photo of the fish is also required. For a complete rundown on the rules, click here. It’s a well-run event; kudos to the organizers.

This year, John Hoyer took first place. He’s a pro-staffer with Thorne Bros. Custom Rod & Tackle, which is the No. 1 place to visit for the latest and greatest in muskie tackle and custom fishing rods.

As this video shows, the muskie gods were smiling on Hoyer. He takes the lure out of the water at the end of his cast, adjusts the trolling motor, and at the same time his lure, a Barfighter from Iraizor Action Lures, snags a bit of weeds floating on the surface. When Hoyer spots the late muskie follow, he plunges the jerkbait back into the water, gives it a twitch, and the big fish destroys it!

Next, John does a great job burying his rod tip below the surface to keep the fish from going airborne and throwing the hooks. Congrats John on a great fish!

Image is screenshot from video on YouTube

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