Usually, the last thing a hunter wants to run into in the wild is a coyote—unless they were specifically looking for one. These temperamental and unpredictable animals are widely viewed as a nuisance, dangerous, and can ruin hunts with just their mere presence. They even attack your turkey decoys, and they’re sometimes even bold enough to try and sink their teeth in your hunting dog as well.

Yet for all those points, hunters still find themselves helping these animals out when they’re down. After all, even coyotes are cute as pups, and this hunter apparently found an orphaned coyote out in the middle of nowhere. They decided to bond a bit by howling in unison.

“So….my buddy finds an ‘orphaned’ coyote pup…..and then this amazingly happens!” wrote Tyler Goodale, who posted the video to Facebook.

You can watch the magic happen below.

Image screenshot of video on Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Befriends Coyote Pup

  1. Neat video, coy and fox pups are very friendly and curious at that age. I have a red fox den on my property and the pups are very very curious right now. The article doesn’t state what happened to the pup. The den was probably nearby, they just didn’t realize it. I hope he released it and doesn’t get into trouble because of video. Here in Michigan a person cannot possess wildlife.

  2. I had an uncle who had coyotes as pets. They lived in the house with him for many years. They were never tamed and way too comfortable around people. Don’t turn your back on them, they would nail your heels. He was a colorful man but more than a little weird. Guess it takes all kinds.

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