This is every parents worst nightmare.

The hotel at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa was quiet on Wednesday morning, but a large-scale search and rescue operation continued in the adjoining waters, for a missing two-year-old boy taken by an alligator on Tuesday. Police gave a press conference early Wednesday to say they are still intent on finding the boy, with extra personnel being brought in to assist. The little boy was at the water’s edge with his parents on Tuesday, when the alligator dragged him into the water. It’s reported that his parents fought desperately to take their son back from the animal, but to no avail. Unfortunately the boy is still missing at this time and police do not expect him to be found alive.

Here, a guest at the hotel captures the ongoing search at the scene:

Here is a video of press conference detailing the search for the missing boy:  

Image from DearCatastropheWaitress at English Wikipedia

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4 thoughts on “2-Year-old Boy Dragged Out of His Parents’ Arms by Alligator at Disney World Hotel

  1. Deepest part of the Lagoon is 14-feet deep, and the water depth is 10-feet deep, 30-feet from the shoreline. At 10-feet from the shoreline the water is already 3-feet 4-inches deep! A “Little” DEEP for a Unsupervised 2-year old Toddler…

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