In a knee-jerk reaction to the massacre in Orlando at the LGBT nightclub Pulse, the retailer Academy Sports decided to remove all modern sporting rifles from its shelves.

Not surprisingly, this move by Academy isn’t sitting well with hunting and shooting enthusiasts or firearms manufacturers. In fact, one gun company, Daniel Defense, has drawn a clear line in the sand by immediately terminating its agreement to sell products to Academy.

Check out the letter below from the leadership team at Daniel Defense to its distributors.

“As you know we take our partnership with our stocking retailers very seriously. We are committed to serving and supplying them at the highest level and expect our retailers to have that same level of commitment to our brand and our industry. Unfortunately, Academy Sports has made a corporate decision, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, to remove all MSRs from their website and in-store displays. Academy Sports has communicated that they intend to continue to sell the MSR category of firearms without displaying or advertising them publicly. As a prominent MSR brand, Daniel Defense cannot support decisions that are completely contrary to the values of our company and industry. Therefore, as of today, June 16th, I request that you place Academy Sports on a Do Not Sell list for all Daniel Defense products and terminate any shipments to their stores or distribution centers. It is unfortunate that we have to make this decision, but it is clearly the right thing to do for our brand, our industry and our constitutional right. Thank you for your support.

Bill Robinson, VP of Sales

Academy’s decision clearly segregates firearms by their appearance, which sends a dangerous message to our politicians that it’s acceptable to do so. We as an industry must stand and fight, together.

Marty Daniel, President and CEO


OutdoorHub salutes Daniel Defense for standing beside its customers and the Second Amendment.

For more on Daniel Defense, and an in-depth look into the life of Daniel Defense founder Marty Daniel, watch the video below. You’ll see how he built one of the top firearm manufacturers in the world from the ground up.

Image courtesy of Daniel Defense

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44 thoughts on “Breaking News: Daniel Defense Terminates Agreement with Academy Sports

  1. you use your vote and your dollar- If any company is openly antigun- dont buy from them- Scheels in the ‘heartland’ is one- they sell 1000 shotguns but they hide their AR’s in a wire mesh cage- the store manager told me”people steal them alot” college graduate-

    1. Seems like blaming it on theft prevention is a bit skewed. If that is the case, why don’t they put the shotguns in the lock up too? Answer: that isn’t the real answer to your question.

  2. This is the major problem in our country today. I refer to Academy’s choice. Those in power are unable to make a clear-cut decision because they have allowed influences into their thinking which have absolutely no business in their business. Today, it would be “politically incorrect” to throw out irrelevancies without overboard consideration.

  3. Might be they see that majority of public is fed with gun lobby and killing machines… and nra. Want to watch a fool at work, note on Face the Nation, when nra chief interviewed. He was like some hysterical fool shouting “be scared as they (ISIS) are coming”… actually quite a pathetic case, but selling fear, not logic. So before you howl and bay about “lefties, anti gun gunna take ur guns, and usualy nra sponsored spin.. watch the interview and nra policy-propaganda, and if you go along with “be scared”… well be scared as that is exactly what ISIS and others want, a nation in fear for their PR campaign…

    Seems about time sane people on both side of issue sit down and discuss what is best way to solve the horrors of mass shootings everyday, sane rules for guns, not extremes or pushing fears, just sane people making the rules as they are sadly needed. Not cases on either side “guns for all” nor “take the guns” need not apply.

    1. Chuck , you have to give up the fallacy that a device is responsible for the action of a human being . Before people killed each other with guns ,they managed , quite successfully , to kill each other with just about everything possible . The device is not the problem , it never has been , it is and has been ,since Cain killed Abel , people who kill people.

      1. Amusing about “the device”.. but reality is if the mags were limited to 5 rds as they are for many states hunting, and carry permits required the same level of course-education as do “hunter safety course” i would be a safer USA. The “device” need not be capable of 30-50-150 (Drums) in any gun… so yes the “Device” is a much at fault as are the guns laws, had this shooter or the others whom want to play soldier had to reload 5rd mags, things would have been different. A 5rd mag “device” does not have same killing potential as 30-50-150 rd “Devices”. We need to make “devices” in the hands of what has proven to be a mentally challenged person, history of bully-brutality since childhood, shall we say a little less “devicey”? Same for all guns except maybe rimfires, in present calibers.

      2. Chuck you are getting closer . Mentally ill and proven bully -brutality need to be isolated from society to prevent harming themselves or others ,certainly not allowed guns limited to five rounds . There is no reason to restrict responsible gun owners. A parallel situation would be to ban you from driving a car capable of speeds in excess of five m.p.h. so drunks can’t cause horrendous carnage hitting school busses at high speed .

      3. This man had three hours to commit mayhem, magazine capacity is in no way a facilitator in his terrorist act. Five rounds oe even single shot weapons with modern ammunition he would still have been able to kill just as many people as he did. Three hours he was not opposed by any other person with a firearm. Not even one person did anything to stop him.

        Do you know what caliber is involved in the most fatal shooting incidents? According to the FBI, .22 long rifle is the one – because there are more firearms in circulation in that caliber than any other, by a substantial margin. From reading your statements, you appear to be a reasonable person, but it seems you need to educate yourself about this subject instead of taking someone else’s word for facts without verification. A lot of people out there speak in an authoritarian tone and seem sincere and believable but may not be as informed as they would like you to believe. Don’t fall into their trap – always verify the words of others with known fact from sources that are unbiased. While your friends or relatives may act like they know the straight story, when a subject is this important, you should strive to get the most accurate information in order to make an informed decision oe a well reasoned argument.

        That being said, the focus on firearms in this case is misplaced for a couple of reasons. First, it’s easier to be reactionary and legislate prohibition of inanimate objects, than it is to write laws that are fair and un-discriminatory as well as Constitutional in order to control what devious and evil minded people may do. As a secondary consideration, the ability of a people to remain free and able to pursue happiness in their lives is what the 2nd Amendment is all about. Without the ability to choose the means to defend your freedom and your life and those of your loved ones, we are no better off than our ancestors who were oppressed under the rule of feudal monarchies. Too many of our predecessors gave their lives to provide liberty for us today, and addressing every incident of violent terrorism or mass murder by surrendering our means of defense. People proposing such laws and regulatory solutions are the same as those fuedal despots we fought a revolution against in order to be free citizens of the United States of America.

      4. This man had three hours to commit mayhem, magazine capacity is in no
        way a facilitator in his terrorist act. Five rounds oe even single shot
        weapons with modern ammunition he would still have been able to kill
        just as many people as he did.

        that is the silliest misinformed post and ALL those who did the mass murders, even shooting little 8 years old, ALL had 30 rd mags.. You have never gone into quick reload it seems as that not only increases chance of hang up, but takes time when they could be either taken down or folks could run.. You really are a big shy on facts..a untrained shooter would have to have lots more mags with 5 in each, Orlando supposedly fired 153 rds.. with 5 rd mags he would have had to have 31 mags.. just to carry such would be an issue. But having seen the adult kids on Utube playing “Spl Ops or such” with can see why some need to reinforce manhood with30 seems now days most no longer give guns the respect, care and safe handling previous generations had. Sorry kiddies, but these are not toys…

      5. This scumbag reloaded several times as it was reported by many of the victims that survived, even with 15 round magazine and no one did a thing to defend themselves while he was reloading. In your scenario you say if we’re 5 then someone could’ve. Still holds true with 15, yet no one did a damn thing. They didn’t risk their life or freedom to defend themselves. If someone had a firearm and took care of this scumbag, like the fine citizen did recently in Tel Aviv, the situation would have ended a lot sooner. Cowards die sooner in cases like this.

      6. Well it would seem not all as brave as you are… and TA is simply another world entirely.. and yea great idea to have gun when drinking going on.. you are just so smart and brave…

      7. Bovine excrement! I shoot AR-15 AND AR-10 every month- no ‘device’ issuses- If the gun shipps with a 23 round mag- we buy it as it comes, dont be uninformend

    2. Thank you for that minority view report, Chuck. Unfortunately it is easier to legislate against an inanimate object than to make this issue what it truly is; one of individual accountability. We can’t outlaw insanity, or opinion but we can use reason and logic to formulate a solution. Keep in mind one cacnnot plan for the unforseen, so no law can be all encompassing or cover every conceivable circumstance without of course abrogation of our Constitutional rights.

      We must however treat all this political noise coming from the left with a high degree of seriousness and we can’t become complacent or fall into a giving mood when it comes to individual rights under the law. If we do, the opposition’s practice of relentless creeping incrementalism will eventually mean an end to all of the liberties, rights, and responsibilities under The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those rights, liberties and responsibilities are the essence of being American and identify us as uniquely free among the people of the world. These things are the reason why The United States is the home of freedom – the concept of freedom and undeniable God given human rights originated in this country at the time of the birth of our nation. We cannot give an inch of that away to anyone or we cease being the guardians of freedom on this planet and become subjects of oppression in the name of preventing that which is unpreventable without totalitarian rule forced upon us, whether it comes down like a hammer or gently as a drop of rain.

      This is why we resist the efforts of those who will trade lliberty for security. History shows us that once you surrender your freedom for safety you get neither.

      1. Each and every post seems to reflect the trump and nra party of fear, which leads to hate and intolerance. The gun laws now on books fail miserable when 40% of gun sales are from “Private sources”. Time after time gang and other criminals admit they only have to go to gun shows, buy no questions asked from “private dealers”. Note none of you paranoid scared of most anything, wanna be hero’s “gutto defend from gubernment, and other targets of choice” rabidly bays about “shooting in Chicago, gangs etc, yet it is well known most guns for such are purchased via private “no questions asked” sales. Do not expect much in way of thoughtful support of sane gun laws from the fearful.. or as your demigod nra leaders in full paranoid stated on Face the Nation, nearly in a pathetic fearful blubber, “be scared as they are (ISIS-etc) are coming for us”, a pathetic display of leading his lemmings to be fearful of “them”. Disgusting display, but if that sells more guns, then nra will say and do anything. Even ISIS propaganda mocks usa gun laws as “anyone can buy guns in usa, arm yourselves etc”. Guess I and other responsible sane citizens do not need engage in your paranoid fears, as USA was never the land of the uneducated fearful paranoids, but do admit most of the posts are predicable lacking in both backbone and just plain fear to justify their guns….so go check under your beds and such for various evil ones.. yep you gunnies are heroooo’s all and have the guns to prove it… never expected to see usa being conned into fearful cowering citizens… but then fear propaganda for dumbed down seems to work well, history replete with various power grabbers-dictators doing same to grab power. Yep iSIS winning in USA as many are so scared they must arm selves, guns in schools, religious meeting places and most anywhere, scared to death.. how pathetic… but for assault guns, seems nrs went up when draft went down, so need to play, not be soldiers by the fearful cowards who offer no solution other then “gutta get a gun”, plus a whole bunch of religious hate and intolerance
        PS for you wanna be Constitutional Guardhouse lawyers, amazing how really dumbed down you are, you seem in same class as the fearful with your silly childish posts

      2. Chuck, you assume much and know little. It is the policies and pandering of liberal politicians with ulterior motives that create your fearful, cowering public; you know, the one you keep alliterating to in your sermons of anti-gun, anti-defense ignorance.

        I don’t play soldier, I was one in Vietnam, and I have seen first hand what happens to a defenseless population in a disarmed country. It was not something I’d want to see here, and with the laws we have that are not enforced now, no new law will end the bad acts of criminals or terrorists who don’t respect laws to begin with.

        Unless you have seen the results of such a situation, you have no damed idea what you are talking about. so stop talking down to others in judgment, and take the time to understand that people are entitled to differ in opinion from you and you need to learn to accept and respect that. Rudeness, disrespect and demonizing people is a particularly repugnant practice of liberal thinkers in this day and age, and it stems from not being held accountable and contempt for others that borders on rage. Your hostility level is beyond what is acceptable and you need to learn to damp it down before shooting your mouth off in a public forum, especially when it is directed toward another individual poster.

        When a person fails a NICS check in the attempt to purchase a firearm they are supposed to be investigated, and prosecuted if they are found to have lied on the application form either by omission or fabrication of false or misleading information. It is a felony, punishable by imprisonment in a federal penitentiary, fine, or both. This crime is rarely prosecuted by the US Attorney General’s Office, or the Department of Justice. Even though it would be a slam dunk case, very seldom are charges filed on this offense. That is just one of many laws that go unenforced, like the immigration laws on the federal books. Selective law enforcement and prosecution has become de riguer and the criminals know it. This is what politicians have created – a country where no one is made to answer for their actions, no consequences for committing offenses against the law and the people, and you call opposing that silly and childish?

        The only childish one here in this discussion is you, Chuck.

      3. Stevey me lad, I was in NAM and hardly what one would call “defenseless people”, all most wanted was for western powers to get out, honor agreements of WW2 as to independence, and end the corrupted dictators we put in place… has a familiar ring to it as both NAM and Iraq were based on lies, cost us deaths, wounded MIA (which Kissinger sold out) and looted our national treasury. There as still many out there of the NAM that cannot turn loose of it to this day. might point out the NAM was at base a religious war, with our support of corrupted Catholics at high end running nation, while the people AKA “non Catholics suffered, again not to different then Iraq where Sunni vse Sheits and corrupted running government, again few getting rich, most getting shot at, Bush was warned about exactly what would happen with no post war plan, so he-rummy kicked out Iraq military officers, and that is who formed ISIL whom unlike Taliban (our former “Freedom fighters” do not take and hold land. SO you might learn a bit of history.

        I stated I never met a WW2 or Korean, and few NAM vets, who wanted anything to do with any sort of military weapons as most highly respected guns and now days that seems a core of gun issue now days, many want to play soldier, and note only when draft ended did assault guns type become popular, of course nra was tasked by gun mfgs to created sales for the military weapons they could produce as end of NAM gutted their profits, so nra went militant, pushed ‘be able to defend yourself with lots of help from fringe pols who, like way to many today, create a “watch our for them, get a defense gun, you need 30 rds or more, proved killing machines with “Spl Ops, tactical, blah blah to enhance the insecure pushed by as nra chief said “Be scared”‘

        This bunch also pushed “Government is bad Obama will take your guns, now mod is “Clinton will take your guns, which neither ever said, but when coward cower, anything sells. Same for the childish tale that “Armed citizens will keep USA free and government honest.. way amusing after the nra purchased elected in Senate voted down sane gun laws, but now want to way broaden surveillance power of government, yet none of the gunnies seems concerned.
        What you and other gunnies miss in your “Constitutional knowledge” is the SCOUS has stated that states do have the right to restrict guns, that is the law, and rather humorous how you and other “brave patriots” will keep us free, defend us blah, blah. What you fail to comprehend when the various nut case “Militias” start their fun and games playing soldier, they are shut down as a danger to the nation when any assume power to “Fix things the way we want’

        And enclosing, it is disgusting that a nation which started out on freedom of religion immigrants now has the nra-trump-his minions collectively, admittedly buy them and many posters, the “Militia of the Scared” for want of a better term want to restrict Muslims, target their Mosques, monitor their community and some suggest deport all and let none into “this land of the free (with more then a few scared by propaganda) as “the immigrants are dangerous and loaded with ISIL etc, blah blah. Note even discuss the fools who see hordes of them pouring across out borders blah blah. Yep you guard ho9use lawyers, just go on about you must be armed to defend the Constitution 2nd, 4th or what ever, yet are quire willing to target Muslims as evil ones, but then as the klan had to have a target to spread fear which became hate of blacks, so must today’s cowards who are so scared the must have 30-50-150 rds in a military type weapon, they must have a target group for their fear and then hate. Sorry to burst your bubble bu those with backbone, knowledgeable on facts, and not scared of shadows and political-nra “be scared, vote for me and buy guns etc” are not buying into the directed fear and hate. Been a shooter and hunter, hand loaded since 1960 and find no need or use for military type guns designed only to kill people..but then I and many others are not buying into trump-nra “be scared” as we have a bit more self confidence and do not need to prance about with “gun under coat and M6 to keep us free and defend blah blah. Just not cut our for such ignorance as being preached now day… as we actually believe in the Constitution and other founders document…nor do we wish to enhance the propaganda of ISIL on how well they are buffaloing USA, and not oddly their own propaganda recommends getting gun in USA as their (USA) gun laws so lax easier then trying to smuggle one in… We cannot even stop folks on terrorist lists, 500K with less then 10K citizens here, as nra fears (that word again) anything that might hurt gun-ammo sales…and of course the gunnies (not sportsman) again celebrated murder of 50, wounded 53 by the traditional nra celebrate, buy guns as they were “Scared” they might get restrictions… nothing like a bunch of nra scared lemmings to increase gun-ammo profits”

        Sorry to burst you bubble but nra leader on TV in nearly hysterical rant stated “we must be scared as they (ISIS) are coming.

        PS Hero’s please do not include me in your “defend the nation spin”. I have older Rem M11 16G, nr 4 shot and while it might seem odd to those playing soldier, it only holds 5 when full up, which is more then I’d probably need

      4. Chuck, indeed the model 11 in 16ga can indeed do a lot of damage, as Mr. Browning designed it to do. I just don’t think it is my business or anyone else’s business to tell others what they can use to protect their lives, families, or property with. Seeing the things criminals do nowdays and their weapons of choice, I’ve got no problem with anyone wanting to match them firepower wise. I’ve got an 870, also 5 round capacity, but I would not want to face down some criminal intentioned person toting a 15 round 9mm or an AK. I get five and they get 15 or 30 seems a bit unfair.

        You must be a democrat, that is your choice, but that doesn’t mean you or I can dictate a free man’s choices within the law. While you may not care to exercise your right to self defense using the AR or an AK, keep in mind that someone else may need that level of firepower, such as in my case being in a wheelchair. There is a lot of deterrence value in having an agressive defensive posture. If you are prepared for the worst you are less likely to be targeted, but if it comes and you are ready you stand a much better chance of surviving. If you are a vet, especially a combat vet, I don’t see how you could think otherwise.

        But hey, it’s a free country – for now.

      5. am not a D, as do not trust either party and refuse to blindly vote any type of straight ticket. I voter FOR not against candidates, research each and refuse to be one issue voters ad “for guns” as same time is often for rich, as current economy provides.
        But refuse to buy into the latest guns sales mantra, via nra, trump, and most R’s as nra put it on Face Nation, “Be scared as they are coming (ISIL)”. Note the 40% of guns sold are at purportedly “Private sales” so when gunnies bay about gangs-criminals-bad guys and other issues, they refuse to note that all of those folks can pop into most guns shows or on line and purchase with no questions asked….well gunnnies, as the medical term goes, “Physicians (gunnies) heal thyself”. I have been at guns shows with purportedly “private sales”, who asked for no ID, no nothing but the cash, I have heard “meet me in parking lot with the cash, I have even heard “dealers” tell someone, can have a private party buy it and then sell it etc”.
        The core issue is we must past sane gun laws, the total failure of last round of gun laws is classic example of how bad the mess has got, it is impossible to justify that someone cannot fly on plane but can buy killing machines of all kinds..same for terrorist list, 500K on it, but only 10K US Citizens.. You take off shoes at airport but banned can buy gun? Why? Note nra fighting for gunnies is big lie, they are for gun/ammo mfgs, if for gunnies how come my reload supplies record high cost, why a brick of 22lr is often $40+? Why is all ammo 200% increase over few years. nra does not represent your average shooter of sportsman, and their “no compromise” will eventually end up hurting sportsman/average gun owners as they refuse to even acknowledge 85% of their members favor guns show/www sales should have background checks. 90% of citizens favor same.

        Sorry but will not join your folks Militia of Fear, gotta defend, gotta have 30-50-150 rds to “defend” and as nra pathetically whined, ‘Be scared, as they are coming”…you folks go be scared as not for responsible adult gun owners..Why 5rd mag limit to hunt, mandatory safety
        course, yet anyone in most states can buy 30+ rd mags, and most states (in order for nra to sellmore guns) there is no qual shots, course in safety or gun laws.. To use the silly “well cars kill” we might note no one would accept no license, eye test, insurance or any proof you know the rules and safety. Perhaps gun carry might at least have same requirements as car speeding down road much less dangerous to me then some clown prancing about and “defending” with 30-150 rds from some paranoid “scared” 100 yds away or yahoo with concealed that never fired one round or knowledge of gun laws… Sorry but the reality of gunnies is a huge embarrassment to responsible sportsman and gun owners..
        I will say biggest issue is most of the gunnies have is closed minds and little use for facts, aka the same nra pols now wants unrestricted gov collecting data with NO rules.. so which is worse, limiting guns or unrestricted spying on the public with no Courts, Warrants involved as same elected that sold out to nra now pushing unrestricted spying on citizens?

      6. You have a very skewed perspective on the NRA, it’s members and people in general. The kind of cynicism you exhibit in your writing on this subject is very negative and assumes the worst of the people around you. I am neither afraid or a militia member, and I reject your insistence on branding those who prefer to be prepared for defense as right wing psychopaths. Most people who own firearms have no hostile intent and we do not think like the cartoon characters that you seem to think we are. A lot of us are well educated, professional men and women who want only to preserve peace and tranquility in our own lives and we choose not to become victims of criminals or whomever has hostile intent towards us or our loved ones. You seem to think your views are an accurate depiction of the thoughts and motives of law abiding gun owners, but I must inform you and those who think like you that you could not be more wrong. Perhaps one day you will come around and quit being so nihilistic about life, but I haven’t got any more time to waste trying to deal with your fantasies about what NRA members and other people who own firearms and use them within the law. We are not afraid of being attacked, nor are we hillbillies, or some other caricature from your imagination. We are regular people who live around you and mean no harm to anyone, unless confronted in a hostile manner, in which case we are equipped and trained to deal with that and survive such situations with equal force as the situation dictates.

        Enjoy your life – I intend to enjoy mine.

      7. You do know Koch finances nra, as well as nra had to give away free membership to increase numbers for Militia of the Scared or as nra chief said on Sunday talk show,. “be scared as they are coming” and seems most members are now in compliance. Ype you folks ot scared but must prance about with guns and “preserve etc” as either wanna be soldiers or Marshall Wytt, There is a huge difference between those of us the own firearms, have 12 of them, but not all lathered up about “defending” as we are what is called sane gun owners… Read the posts and tell us these are sane folks not scared via the nra directive… huge delta between sane responsible gun owners and wanna be’s.. doubt it, dial up Utube and M16.. By the way if not appealing to nra Milita of the Scared.. how come most of the assualt type, even pistols have some sort of macho military sounding names.. Never thought of call my short action Mauser 22-250 “spl ops or blah blah.. as rather secure with self.

      8. Your an idiot! There is no such thing as a gun show like you imagine. Like they are some sort of “rummage sale” or flea market. A bunch of tables with average citizens selling off their privately owned guns. Sellers are screened, not many are self reliant individuals, they are businesses, they are licensed to sell guns and they do the background checks and stuff on site. Have you ever been to one? Your blubbering is nauseating. The reason that the terrorists might possibly buy a gun is because Obama had the list of perps scrubbed. The vetting processes have been circumvented purposely to get those nut balls a gun, i.e. Fast and furious…… So when the background check goes into effect there isn’t the data there to not sell the firearm.

        Put the pipe down! Bernie is a loser and so are you. You can have your opinion but not over my individual right to freedom.

      9. Your awareness of the reality of gun shows and rules seems rather lacking,…but then I guess as nra member of the “Militia of fear” per nra chief cannot expect much other then uniformed blither..guess you must be using Mom’s PC as childish lack of facts

      10. I was referring to the villagers and most of the people who were victimized by NVA and VC on a regular basis, usually after we came through with medical aid. We’d leave a lot of stuff for them and later they’d get visits from the enemy, who would take the supplies from them by force, and torture or kill who ever they wanted to – at the barrel of a gun. Those Vietnamese civilians were defenseless – any weapon they had would be confiscated by VC or NVA. I saw the aftermath of those “visits” and no one should ever have to see that. That’s why we have a Second Amendment, and your testimony about being in Vietnam rings hollow. Your opinion of what that war was about is a revision historical fact, and no, Catholicism did not have anything to do with it. It’s easy to be judgmental of the people in the command structure back then, but that hardly constitutes an accurate or truthful depiction of the war, its conduct, or the leadership. Lots of people made decisions then that can be questioned now, but sitting there and criticizing in an attempt to make history read the way you want is not an honest appraisal of it.

        I enlisted, Regular Army, when I graduated high school, but I didn’t do it to “play soldier”, I did it to serve my country in time of war. Both of my parents served in the Korean War, and my grandfather in WW II. It is a family tradition to serve in time of war in my family. I have never regretted serving, nor have I ever refused to help another in trouble. Why? Because I feel an obligation to be of service when I find someone in need. I act when others would not because I would want someone to help me if I was in need. God blesses us with strength so we can help those less fortunate or able, and not to kick them when they are down or feel somehow above them. Apparently no one ever exposed you to this concept, since your attitude is judgmental and punitive of those you dislike. It takes more integrity and strength to treat someone with dignity and respect than it does to judge them and denigrate them as lesser that you. I wish you had a little compassion for others, but that is between you and God.

      11. Sounds like a whole family of hero’s but my family served, my Dad died of wound from gas in WW1 But you better find out the truth on the NAM, the whole thing was based on lies, Westmorlins Saigon “Follies” were just that. The reality of NAM was we lied to ole Uncle Ho about what would happen after WW2, he took our French first, Our “allies” traded with N Nam during the war, if you would check it out, yes the Catholics ran nation (corrupted) while most of people were Buddists, we supported on corrupted dictator after another.. Am not slamming the grunts and combat folks, they under horrible leadership at upper levels, AKA Johnson even picked targets from WH and DoD Sec Mac the Knife and his “Wiz Kids” really screwed up already bad mess. Reality was if item really needed go buy on black market. We lost 58K of our best for no reason, other then horrible upper end leaderships in military and pols, and lots of Chicken Hawks. We are doing exact same in 14 years of war in Mideast, started based on lies, horrible upper end military and political leadership, we are not winning that one fortunate Iraq would not agree to usual “Status of Forces” agreement or we’d sill be there in longest war of our history, again we never won that one… left as we did in the NAM and again, lots of good folks KIA/sever wounds.. so check your facts.

        Want to help the less fortunate, lots of them in this nation and contrary to image many have, no gun is needed… We spend more on defense then next ten nations, and cut needed people programs, we rank 37th in world on tech education, 24th in education overall.. Fact is middle class on down has lost real wages since 1980’s and USA wealth gap is higher then most

        dictatorships. Generally our citizens not at all educated in money, math of money, history or government. We rate way down on health care compared to industrial nations, many our elderly and about 20% of population at or below poverty levels. Not odd that most uniformed public is those of Fox news… simply put this nation has for some reason really getting off on political and special interest feeding us “fear” whose end product is hate and intolerance.

        For the first time I ever heard of in this nation I see the fear mongers telling us to carry guns in our houses of worship, schools and public places as nra said “be scared as they are coming” in TV rant. This fearful scared, need for defense, more guns needed, shoot them first propaganda is not what this nation was. or should be. You and I and others did not serve to end up with nation where it is pushed to carry gun to church, schools, Malls or or or in order “to be safe, defend etc, good guys with guns blah blah. I am sorry but I and other sane gun owners do not find any need for 30rd military guns and even more terrible the “pistol” version of 16/47’s, nor high capacity any gun.. only 5 rds to hunt, big game, need to plug 12 to 3 when duck hunting, hunter safety course required (or waved as am 75) Yet any fool can buy gun with no background checks, carry them with no course in law/safety or even qual shooting.

        Sorry but I came from generation where 22 or 410 single shot was first gun, we learned to shoot and then I moved on to Marlin 39A which still have, was big deal to get my 16 auto, and I knew no one that so scared they carried handgun, and shot lots of competitive handgun. We grew up respecting guns, my Uncle was Gunsmith, father hunted the world. guns were respected as was a code of sportsman hunting rules, even read the nra every month on guns and hunting etc… I I think somewhere along the line we lost those teachings and values.. probably somewhere along 1974 when nra went militant for mfgs to sell more guns and purportedly grab power we lost respect for guns… the traditions of gun teaching, the guns passed down in families. We seemed to have morphed into “we will not compromise”, never heard of mass shooting growing up, was always told if you cannot take game with clean shot, do not shoot.. Now mostly muzzle loading rifle/shotguns and used to bow hunt. Special interests got into that one, now “ML” often does not even load from horn, rather sabots, scopes and nothing tradition left.. same for archery, crossbows legal but in no way like the inline ML’s do they reflect the original intent of the “Special Season” for same (they should in fact have own combined season). But the shooters of old, their values, learning curves, traditional actions are gone now..and less young folks hunting or shooting.. Time to reexamine what went wrong… and what was right. for “Be scared (got to defend self-others) as they are coming” is not in the tradition of the nation.. but seems to be now…. How sad for us all

      12. It id because of Barack Obama’s policy of ending the war by unilateral withdrawal that the middle east is in the sorry state it is in today. Ending a war is not the same as winning one. Iraq was won, and because of Obama and his State Department policies and diplomatic faillures to negotiate a support level of deployment until the Iraqi Army and police could handle the insurgencies in various parts of the country we have more well organized insurgent entities like ISIS. There are a dozen of these terrorist pseudo governments in th region – because we failed to secure the peace. It’s entirely Obama’s doing, with the aid of Hillary and her successor.

        I know full well the history of Vietnam, and it was not my place to critique the conduct of the war as I was not a senior grade officer at the time. I had no part in making decisions about that, and people who were not involved in that level who judge and revise history to suit their condemnation are cheapening the sacrifice of the men and women who served and were wounded or killed in combat there. I did my job, and I was never presented with a moral conflict nor did I see misconduct like Oliver Stone claims via his movie.

        I know a lot of vets and I am a regular at my local VA. No one I talk to uses, “the NAM”, like you repeatedly do, and it makes me doubt your credibility. The only people I have been around that use that reference are not real Vietnam vets. Using “the Nam” makes people think you are a wannabe or a character in a B movie. All I know is it makes you sound bogus.

      13. Dude! You can’t even formulate a coherent sentence. Put the pipe down and get out of your basement!

      14. Gee if I need a secretary I might call you, but for now as usual those ignorant of the facts attack the messenger.. Note protcal for forum posts not same as the english class you seem to love, get current as to rules of grammar

      15. The popularity of the AR 15 had nothing to do with the end of the draft. It was not generally available on the market at that time because traditional wood and steel guns – mostly bolt action or lever action were the most popular then. Having been a gunsmith for 43 years I know and have seen how the trends have gone in the world of firearms. Back in the 70’s most hunters used lever or bolt guns, some had pump or semi-auto rifles but nearly all were blued steel and walnut stocked.

        The AR started to become really popular in the 1990’s and now it is not that common that people want the old fshioned guns. The AR type rifle has many advantages over the traditional type of hunting rifles. They are not weather sensitive, they are more durable, easier to work on, the finish can be easily repaired when damaged, and they are more ergonomic as well as have less felt recoil. Now you can get an AR in many popular calibers, and there are thousands of different parts allowing the hunter to tailor their rifle to themselves more readily than your average hunter could ever do with the old bolt/lever/pump/semi auto rifles.

        As regards Catholics, frankly your words make you look like a bit of a hater.

      16. Keep sucking the criminals and jihadis ass, you moron. Hillary WAS ON RECORD to confiscate ala Australia option, AND she was recorded saying SCOTUS got Heller wrong. Heller reaffirmed that 2A is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT.

    3. Do you people know how many MILLIONS of people either own guns or -like me – carry ALWAYS , and that face the nation interveiw was good- But dont worry sheep! there are monsters here and just cause YOU cant see them we NRA members and CCW holders will cover ytour posterior

    4. Why own an AK-47 when all it takes is one well-placed shot with a traditional rifle to stop a killer? Are gun owners expecting an army? If so, they’ll need an armed militia to defend their family.

      1. Good post, but you must remember that these folks are part of the new party of fearful and in most cases they have no idea of what they say, I would guess if nation reached point where guns confiscated as the paranoid’s fantasy was reached, there would be a whole bunch more going on then gun confiscation, but most to ignorant and fearful to examine that issue, so pols bottom fish them via fearful or as nra chief said “be scared etc” for votes and gun sales.. Not exactly dealing with the most responsible members of society, never are when fear and hero fantasy sells well AKA I got en assault gun en will defend agin the guberment doing ///// (Fill in fearful fantasy of choice). Note absolute fear in post below… serious stability issues there

  4. Run a business or make political statements, your choice. If you want to make political statements, then so will I.

  5. Didn’t Academy file bankruptcy? If they didn’t, they will soon. Gun owners (their friends and families) not only buy firearms, they also buy ammo, clothing, golf equipment, baseball gear and other sporting good .and clothing. They now join Target as another store we will not patronize.

      1. And Sports Authority actually cited their decision not to include guns and ammo in their new and renovated stores as one of the primary reasons why their business failed.

  6. I’ll not buy another item – not anything – from Academy again. I would typically spend 1000 to 3000 dollars a year in their stores. There are other outdoor stores in Tulsa. We just got a brand new Gander Mountain so they’ll inherit some of my business now.

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