You’ve dreamed about a Canadian adventure for years—fishing or hunting in a pristine wilderness far away from cell phones and PC screens. Or, maybe you’ve experienced the incredible opportunities and boundless natural beauty Canada offers to sportsmen, and long for a repeat performance.

Whatever the case, there’s no better time than now, and no better place than Quebec, to fulfill that primal urge to live, for a while, where you feel pine needles instead of concrete underfoot, and star-filled skies are unobscured by streetlights.

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Quebec Has It All

It’s easy to reach Quebec as there are numerous nonstop and one-stop flights to Montreal from major metropolitan areas all over the U.S. And regardless of the adventure you desire, this beautiful province can make the dream come true.

If you yearn to pursue majestic caribou across vast tundra landscapes, head for an operation such as Jack Hume Adventures, Leaf River Lodge, or Pourvoirie Adventure Tunilik, where access is by air only and animals are plentiful. Accommodations are comfortable, but don’t expect Internet service in these remote and rugged areas. Mirage Outfitter in the James Bay Region can be reached by road or air. There you can connect to the outside world, enjoy a visit to the spa, stock up at the on-site convenience store and hunt caribou in a wilderness setting.

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If the thought of casting flies to Arctic char in the endless sunshine of a far-north summer stirs your soul, Arctic Adventures Payne River Fishing Camp is the place to go. On the Payne River, a tributary of Ungava Bay, Inuit hosts built a fishing lodge and modern cabins for their guests’ comfort and convenience during non-fishing hours. On the water, fly fishermen experience nearly non-stop action from comfortable and stable 24-foot freighter canoes.

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Are double-digit walleyes and trophy pike more your style? Then, Air Tamarac Outfitter on Lake Hebert or Gouin Reservoir might be your top choice. Both are reached by floatplane from Clova, Quebec, and offer the complete Canadian fly-in experience, including modern, well-equipped cabins, sturdy aluminum boats and dependable four-stroke outboard motors.

The options Quebec provides are nearly endless: from black bears to giant brook trout; whitetail deer to trophy walleyes; waterfowl to goliath pike; moose to monster muskies and football bass. There are so many from which to choose, in fact, you may have trouble making up your mind. In that case, Quebec Outfitters Federation can help. It provides details on dozens of other qualified and approved outfitters, guides and fishing operations that can arrange just about any type of adventure—from the most rugged and remote to the plush and luxurious—for a wide variety of game and sportfish species.

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Now’s The Time

There’s no time like the present. It’s always wise advice, but it’s especially true when it comes to planning the trip of a lifetime—one you’ve been anticipating for a very long time. But there’s one reason in particular why “now” is much more beneficial than “later.”

The U.S. to Canadian currency exchange rate is the best it’s been in years. In fact, your dollar is worth almost 30 percent more in Canada than it is at your local U.S. mini-mart. Savvy sportsmen are taking advantage of a rate that works hard in their favor; you should be one of them.

One last option to get to live the dream might require your lucky rabbit’s foot to work some overtime, but it is well worth it. Enter the Quebec Ultimate Destination sweepstakes, and you could win the hunting or fishing trip of your choice for free.

One Grand Prize-winning hunter and one Grand Prize-winning angler will each get to choose their 2017 all-expenses-paid dream adventure for two people from among more than 30 participating hunting lodges or fishing camps. Airfare, lodging, food, guide services and license fees are all covered, and all you have to do is enter the sweepstakes at no cost. But you better hurry; the June 30, 2016 entry deadline is fast approaching.

Stop thinking about your great adventure and make it happen. The time is now, and Quebec is the Ultimate Destination.


This article was produced in cooperation with the Quebec Outfitters Federation.

Images from the Quebec Outfitters Federation

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3 thoughts on “A Quebec Adventure: The Time Is Now

  1. We have owned a log cabin in wilderness Quebec since 1970 and everything in this article is true. We love everything about Quebec!

  2. Okay so it says images from Quebec outfitters. My question. Is there any way to depict such a beautiful place without being stupid about showing man killing animals? I’m serious. Is the value of a place rated on nothing more than sport kills?– which is something being looked at now as extremely unfavorable. That seems offensive to me. I do dream of Ungava but not blood and dead animals posed with dudes with guns. I really think I’m expressing a valid point and comment here.

  3. Because the article was meant to present the Province from a particular point of of view, and nothing else, your comment is offensive also, and is completely off the point. In fact it is not valid! Get a life!

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