We all love a good nap, but sometimes the urge to catch some Zs occurs at an inopportune time. Spontaneous napping has a downside; you never know what you might miss when getting some shuteye. Just because you’re in a state of blissful oblivion does not mean those around you are not paying attention.

Joe Hoffer shares with us a prime example of the dangers of a nap attack as he captures a turkey enjoying an afternoon snooze. This would be all good except that napping out in the open at ground level puts the bird in a vulnerable position. Fortunately, all this gobbler was in for was a bit of embarrassment as Hoffer snuck up on this feathered fella during a period of forty winks.

As he describes YouTube, Hoffer saw the turkey from 150 yards out. Glancing through his binos revealed the Tom to be in siesta mode and the idea was born to see how close he could get as footage began rolling. Creeping across a field of dead corn stalks, Hoffer was able to get within close proximity to his slumbering subject before the gig was up.

As the gap between the two closed, the gobbler snapped to attention and quickly made a break for it. Luckily spring turkey season is over and this tom will live to see another day, but unless he starts making better naptime choices, this is one sleepy turkey likely to end up on the dinner table in the fall.

Image is screenshot from video on YouTube

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