Throughout history there have been countless documented incidents of unusual objects that have rained down upon the Earth—things like fish, frogs, seeds, stones and other items that, well, shouldn’t fall from the sky.

Perhaps the earliest record, according to the Smithsonian Institute, is a 16-century illustration depicting a rain of frogs that occurred in Europe in the 1300s.

Though the phenomenon is largely unexplained, some scientists contend that tornadoes, waterspouts and strong winds are to blame for lifting objects from the Earth and carrying them many miles.

The MudBum Boys, a group of friends whose lives revolve around the understanding and pursuit of all types of catfish, seem to have stumbled upon another natural mechanism that could be the cause, however. At least in the case of transported catfish anyway.

Do you believe in catfish evaporation? After all, how else could a 200-plus-pound catfish from Southeast Asia’s Mekong River wind up in the middle of an Iowa cornfield?

Image from MudbuM Boys on Facebook

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One thought on “Video: Raining Catfish from the Sky?

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