Times are tough in Brazil between the Zika virus, corruption, possible presidential impeachment, and economic woes. As if all of the issues were not bad enough, now Brazil has to deal with the untimely death of a jaguar after appearing at an Olympic event.

Juma, as the animal was named, was not formally authorized to participate in the torch ceremony, making his presence illegal. This already bad situation declined rapidly when Juma was able to get loose. Efforts to wrangle him failed as tranquilizers provided only a slight sedative effect. There came a time that the jaguar, possibly motivated by stress, advanced on a Brazilian army soldier. Quick action was deemed necessary and a lone pistol shot was used to dispatch the animal.

The Summer Games will officially begin on August 5 2016, and the ceremonies leading up have already started with the unfortunate bang of gunfire. The Olympic torch will continue to move throughout the country – sans chained jaguar – as organizers have assured the public that in the future jaguars will not be included in the festivities.

This unfortunate event serves as a reminder that not every animal is a suitable choice for a leisurely walk on a leash.

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3 thoughts on “Jaguar Mascot Shot at Brazilian Olympic Ceremony

  1. Mind boggling how often the stupidity of people cost an animal its life.
    In Russia, we shoot genius who thought this was good idea. :>)

  2. Once again, here’s proof that humans are not compatible with other life-forms on this planet; even other humans.

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