Weddings are beautiful events planned around eternal love and the company of friends and family while you dedicate yourself to another person. The bride and groom are all smiles, and life is grand as happily ever after is about to begin.

Well, that is usually how it goes, but every once in a while there is a bump in the road to marital bliss. Usually the hiccup is minor, like a wardrobe malfunction. However, sometimes it can be quite grave, such as when a rattlesnake sinks it’s fangs into your beloved, as was the case for Johnny and Laura Benson.

After getting hitched, the Bensons headed outdoors for photos at the Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado. There, they took advantage of the natural backdrop – until a rattlesnake decided to ruin their fun and tagged Johnny in the shin, giving him a wedding gift he would not be able to return to sender.

Luckily, a Larimer County Park Ranger was readily available to assess the bite while the bride called 911 and photographer Maddie Mae (Madeleine Wilbur) documented the event. Johnny was transported to a hospital for treatment where the story took a happier turn. It turned out the snake did not inject venom, so 20 minutes and a tetanus shot later, the Bensons were able to attend their snake-free reception.

It just goes to show how far creatures of all shapes and sizes will go to crash a wedding!

Images from Maddie Mae on Facebook

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One thought on “Photos: Groom Bitten by Rattlesnake at Wedding

  1. Very lucky. Research has shown that a high percentage of venomous snake bites are so-called “dry bites” where no venom is injected. The snakes use their venom to kill their prey and it is thought they are reluctant to use it in self-defense.

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