Teach a man to fish and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime. But what happens if you teach a dog how to fish? Apparently this female golden retriever, which goes by the name Rani, taught herself how to fish by using bread as bait. The canine would steal —or perhaps be given—a piece of bread from her owner, plop it down on the water, and simply wait until a fish comes by to snap it up. At that point, Rani would snap it up in her jaws.

Not a bad trade, and certainly a useful trick.

However, teaching your dog to fish is often discouraged because it makes releasing those fish back into the water somewhat problematic. That being said, we certainly don’t mind Rani’s skills being applied to some invasive species such as Asian carp. They might not be the best tasting fish to a human palette, but a dog doesn’t mind as much.

You can see her use the bread bait to catch a nice bluegill below.

Want giant-sized catfish? Rani knows what to do.

The dog even catches turtles as well, as you can see below.

Image screenshot of video by 1khills on YouTube

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