In a knee-jerk reaction to the massacre in Orlando at the LGBT nightclub Pulse, the retailer Academy Sports decided to remove all modern sporting rifles from its shelves.

Not surprisingly, this move by Academy isn’t sitting well with hunting, shooting enthusiasts, or firearms manufacturers. In fact, one gun company, Daniel Defense, has drawn a clear line in the sand by immediately terminating its agreement to sell products to Academy. We reached out to the owner of Daniel Defense, Marty Daniel, to see what what pushed him to make that decision and much more.

Watch the video below and let us know if you have any other firearms related questions you would like answered.

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10 thoughts on “Video: Exclusive Interview with Marty Daniel on Severing Ties With Academy Sports

  1. I’m an Academy employee. And a DD fan. Both of these companies are pissing me off right now. Academy is doing something entirely pointless by temporarily hiding their stock. Daniel Defense is “cutting off” Academy but we’ve been out of stock of every single DD product for months. So, that’s a bit of a joke too. Two companies doing pointless actions to gain publicity.

    1. Thank you! I am an Academy employee and my store has been open for 4 years and we have never had a Daniel Defense firearm in our store.

  2. Too bad he ruined a particularly valid point of view by endorsing a bottom-feeding liar and fool like Trump, who is no more qualified to lead our nation that any of the vermin to be found in my local garbage dump. Does he not have ears to hear what what that jackass has said?

    1. RIGHT…and like Hillary Clinton has even one honest bone in her body?? Talk about “bottom-feeder” a vote for that witch is a vote for burning the Constitution and implementation of Shariah Law.

  3. Yep, Ole Tom Boy. Go with the alternatives and see how you like Academy Sports. Dumb Ass! Trump Is the best thing that has ever Happened to America.

  4. DD makes south of 30k rifles in a year and there are only about 10% that are allocated to big box stores. of the big box stores, Academy had barely any allocation in the first place. This is all about PR and is as tacky as that shirt ole boy is wearing in the lead in photo. Academy and DD suck and both are just pulling a “look at me”.

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