The UK has officially voted to leave the European Union after a referendum. The decision has thrown global markets into chaos and the pound sterling fell to it’s lowest level in 30 years.

While that’s bad news if you live in the UK and get paid in GBP it’s great news if you want to take advantage of the exchange rate. Booking a stag or deer hunt in the UK can easily cost 10’s of thousands of dollars depending on how and the type of animal you are after and what sort of accommodations you are looking for. That price range puts a UK hunt outside of the spending limit for most people, but if this is something you were considering now is the time to book your trip.

Given that the GBP to USD rates heavily favor American buyers you could easily save almost 10% on your trip right now due to the exchange rate alone. Given the chaos in the UK with uncertain exit timelines, the resignation of the prime minister and the looming independence of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Gibraltar the GBP to USD exchange rate might even become a better deal for US buyers.

If you do decide to book a hunting trip to the UK you can expect your experience to be similar to the red stag hunt in the video below.

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One thought on “After Brexit Vote Now’s the Time to Go Hunting in the UK

  1. Britain could reall make out on the deal ; if they offer sanctuary to Scots and Irish who don’t want to pay uber taxes to the lazy idle of the E.U. . At the same time they could encourage the opponents to Brexit to go to Scotland and Ireland easing the tax burden on working Britons . That could be the win-win of the century for England . Imagine being able to work for a living and keeping what you make instead of having it confiscated to pay drones on the dole .. Who knows it could catch on here .

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