Summertime is upon us and temperatures are soaring. Staying cool is paramount to avoid heat-related illnesses and one way to refresh yourself is by taking a dip in a swimming pool. Just be warned that someone brown and furry might beat you to it.

Much like people, animals strive to beat the heat, and who can blame them? It probably gets pretty warm underneath a fur coat, after all. An easy solution is to disregard fences and do a little trespassing in order to go for a dip as this Bradbury, California, bear decided to do.

Submersing himself in chlorinated heaven, the tagged bear splashes about, seeming to enjoy himself thoroughly. He plays with inflatable tubes, swatting them about with his paws. Later, he engages a pool noodle as well, grasping it in his mouth with teeth at times on full display as the homeowner’s family caught his antics on camera.

The bear was first noticed by Shannon Lievense, who said the bear spent about 20 minutes hanging out in the water. With the triple digit temperatures in the area, it is a reasonable expectation that this bear or others might make their way into swimming pools this summer.

Everyone in the pool!

Image is screenshot from video

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