CANNONBALL! Watch as these cute wood ducks jump out of their nest three stories above the ground. One by one, they plummet to the tarp below, plopping down and waddling off.

Wood ducks are unique to North America and nest in cavities (such as the manmade wooden box in the video). When not manmade, they usually look for holes in trees to nest in, usually laying around 15 eggs but potentially many more. Between 1 and 4 days after hatching, the ducklings leave their nest by jumping out to the ground below. Because of their light weight, they can land unharmed. In the video, a tarp was set up as an extra level of precaution to ensure the duckling landed safely. Once ground level is reached, they proceed to follow their mother in the usual duck-like fashion.

The manmade nest the ducklings were in can be built by anybody. The National Wildlife Federation has posted this guide for anyone looking to do so.

Image is screenshot from Facebook video

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