The fishing in Grand Haven, Michigan, has proven to be quite good for a young girl named Sasha Wheeler. Already an accomplished angler at a mere 10 years of age, Wheeler recently reeled in her biggest catch to date.

Fishing rod bent heavily over the water’s edge, Sasha can be heard protesting from the strain of the fish pulling on her arms as her father, Brooks Wheeler, excitedly encourages and cheers her on. A shadowy figure can be seen emerging from beneath the surface and dad declares she has a flathead on the line. He then continues coaching her in the final stages of the catch before grabbing a net as bystanders gather.

After the fish is maneuvered carefully into the net (check out the innovative rope system!) and brought onto the pier, it becomes clear just how sizeable the catfish is. So large is her catch, in fact, that Sasha cannot pick it up without assistance. Although dad and daughter did not actually weigh the fish, it was deemed to be 41 inches in length and guesstimated to weigh about 35 pounds.

Father and daughter released the considerable catfish after a brief photo session filled with proud smiles was complete. Congrats Sasha!

Image is screenshot from YouTube video

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