There is a saying that silence is golden, unless you have a puppy, in which case silence is very suspicious. This is because puppies have a tendency to be curious and get into trouble. One such puppy, a black Lab named Henry, has unfortunately proved this to be true in a scenario that is every dog owner’s nightmare.

Recently, Sean Whittington and his 11-month-old pup became separated for a moment while walking along a riverbank in Australia. Upon Henry’s return, Whittington noticed a length of fishing line hanging out of the canine’s mouth. A quick tug revealed that the fishing line would not give, a clear indication that it was lodged, quite possibly by an imbedded hook the dog had swallowed.

In order to save Henry’s life, immediate veterinary intervention was necessary. The hook was located via x-ray and surgery was performed to remove it. Henry was left with three layers of stitches and suffered through several days of discomfort as he healed.

Luckily, Henry’s situation has a happy ending, but this story could have just as easily ended tragically. Let one man and dog’s unfortunate experience serve as a reminder to fishing enthusiasts that it is always necessary to pick up and dispose of trash properly. Additionally, dog owners must remain vigilant at all times in order to avoid finding themselves in the same dire straits.

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One thought on “Lab Swallows Fishing Hook, Needs Surgery

  1. This dog is the kind of protection you need for your house,hide the guns before one of your kids get hold of one. A good dog never sleeps soundly.

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