Cameron Hanes just debuted the first episode of his all new podcast titled “Keep Hammering”. As a fitting first guest he brought on Joe Rogan who is no stranger to the podcasting world.

Keep Hammering #1 is about one hour and fifteen minutes long, and it needs to be to pack in all of the topics these two covered. If you are at all familiar with Joe Rogan’s podcast you will have some sense of what to expect. The two make for an excellent podcasting team, and were looking forward to seeing who Cam’s next guest is.

If you are unfamiliar with Cameron Hanes the you should watch this video first. 

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One thought on “Video: Cameron Hanes Debuts New Podcast With Joe Rogan

  1. Cam Hanes Is AWESOME!
    I turned 50 and decided to become a Bow Hunter because of hearing his story, realizing that I don’t want to look back and wonder “why I just sat on my ass”.I’m back at the gym, eating right and having fun. Thank you Cam, Keep Hammering, so will I…

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