The TOZ-106 is a strange and fascinating little gun with a reputation for being difficult to operate. Well-known in some survivalist circles, this bolt-action shotgun is designed for hunting small game or wilderness defense. However, it also boasts quite a kick, and according to those who own one, it’s not exactly the most dependable of Russian firearms.

Experiencing a hangfire in one is also a terrifying experience.

The recommended strategy to dealing with a suspected hangfire is to simply point the firearm downrange for 60 seconds—or, if you’re in a self-defense scenario, to clear the round and let it detonate outside of the firearm. Following that advice would have avoided the humiliating duck-and-cover attempt seen in this video, so it is very important to recognize hangfires. Otherwise, it could lead to a very foolish way of shooting yourself.

Warning: video contains some profanity… in Russian.

Image screenshot of video by PHIL NOVELS on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Crazy Bolt-action Shotgun has a Terrifying Hangfire

  1. Yeah… so fake… you got taken on this one… watch it closely. First shot, the muzzle flash fire is fake.. doesn’t line up with the barrel at all. Second shot, the gun isn’t aimed at the bottles, and if you click play/pause quickly and basically watch it frame by frame, the gun doesn’t move at all when it “fires” and the explosion is from the water bottles… set up and fake. You guys got tricked on this one.

    1. 100% correct. Not to mention you shouldn’t have visible muzzle flash from a 20ga in broad daylight to begin with. I spotted the fakeness without watching it frame by frame. Still a good cautionary tale about hangfires, though he handled it almost as wrong as anyone could. Black powder enthusiasts learn to fear the hangfire early on, and we’ve all had a couple. Cartridge based guns, I’ve only ever had one… using old russian mil-surp ammo of course lol.

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